Game of Thrones / Song of Ice and Fire - Legendary Collection

Hi! I'm working on a full thematic set based on Game of Thrones (show) / A Song of Ice and Fire (novels).

If you're a fan, please check it out and provide feedback:

The set was inspired by some existing cards that went viral online a few years ago:

I liked some of those cards, so much so that I kept the most flavorful ones functionality identical (e.g. Tyrion).

The set is also inspired by the original MTG "Legends" expansion. All legendary creatures are at least 2 colors. Key POV characters are Rare, others are Uncommon.

There are a a couple "cycles" as well including

* 6 well-known Dragons
* 5 "Maesters" (all blue, plus one other color)
* 5 legendary lands that produce color mana + 1 special ability
* 5 well-known pieces of equipment
* 5 legendary lands that are non-mana" abilities.

There is also a 7 cycle set of game-warping Sorceries based on the title of the books:

I have other cycles planned for mana-producing artifacts based on "house" sigils or banners (house Stark, house Lannister, etc), as well as a cycle of 5 thematic enchantments (one for each color).

I have a full 260 card set mapped out and I'm publishing it over time. Check out the set in progress and provide feedback on the cards! Scroll to the end for the best creatures & characters.
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