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Hello Cardsmiths! I made this discussion to talk about competitive modern and what decks you are currently using or working on building. I am a thirteen-year old kid Matthew Horton but you guys know me as TheFriendlyGeek. The deck I play in modern is a deck few know of and if you played back when people started cascading, you might remember the short life of Restore Balance.

You can check out my decklist here:
I am saving up for a play set of the playable Nahiri an Emrakul, the Aeons Torn, and upgraded mana base.

You might think that the above deck is not competitive, but this past Saturday, I competed at the SCG Regionals, and you can check out the deck updates for info on how that went.

Now, I am wondering what competitive modern deck you play and if you are going to any upcoming events. I will be going to Grand Prix Vegas for modern so let me know if you are too!


  • Wish I could go to events besides FNMs....
  • Upvoted! Nice deck.
  • Sure! Could you give me any feedback on this deck?
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    @ostewart, I played a modern match against your deck with my own:

    The first game: Your deck had to mulligan down to five, and your only hope (Ornithopter) was easily shot down by my Lightning Bolt. After that, you only drew lands and was easily bulldozed with my Young Pyromancer and Goblin Dark-Dwellers

    The second game: Your deck began with a promising start, enchanting Darksteel Citadel with Ensoul Artifact, and only my Young Pyromancer saved by creating chump blockers. But when your deck started to win by Galvanic Blasting my Pyromancer, I made you sac your Ensouled Artifact with Crackling Doom. After that, your deck floundered by drawing too little lands, and Goblin Dark-Dwellers closed the game again.

    Record: Wee_Dragonaut 2, Ostewart 0.

    My suggestions: Use more removal! Lightning Bolt is a pretty cheap card, and will do your deck wonders. I would take out all of your Assault Strobes for them, which won't do anything if you don't have a creature. I would also agree with PieGuy by swapping 2 Myr Enforcers with some Frogmites, mainly because I never even got close to casting the Enforcer in any of the games

    Can you please look into my Mardu Control deck? I do not have enough money for Path to Exile, just a note:
  • I need to build a better modern deck because Myrs just don't work well enough...
  • Oh and @Gelectrode - that was me on the deck with the 10x conspiracies. I would, but without the shrapnel blasts I would never have a t3 win.
  • @Gelectrode - are you on If not join and 1v1 me, I would love to see your deck in action.
  • @ostewart, I wish. My computer is weird and I cannot use without my connection being lost every ten seconds. I am looking into it.
  • @ostewart It is better to have a stable deck with 4 lightning bolts then to have a possible T3 kill with shrapnel blasts.

    @MaverickGV What is your budget? Two decks I find that are like Myrs would Affinity for nonbudget and Tempered Steel for budget.

    @Gelectrode I would increase the number of Kolaghan's Command, Boros Charm, and Collective Brutality. For these cards, you could cut Flame Slash, Deflecting Palm, and a Mountain because 24 lands seems a little much and move the cards you would cut to sideboard. I would also add 3-4 Lingering Souls for sure.

    Collective Brutality could go to 2-3, Command to 2-4, and Boros Charm to 3-4 and that would be probably be optimal for being competitive without busting the budget. When you can afford them, Path to Exile, Thoughtseize, Inquisition to Kozilek, Dark Confidant.

    Ajani Vengeant is slightly affordable so maybe if you are interested you could add a single one of him. As for nonbudget walkers, Lilliana of the Veil is really outstanding.
  • @TheFriendlyGeek @Gelectrode I have never had problems with a lack of removal, although I will look into it. @Gelectrode - have you tried untap recently? They are getting a lot better.
  • @ostewart I have only used Untap once, but if you are up for a game, I would gladly play against you (if you are willing to help me understand how the controls and shortcuts work.)
  • I would love that @TheFriendlyGeek! I probably give like 3 tutorial games a week LOL.
  • @TheFriendlyGeek, Thanks! I will try and get another Kolaghan's Command.
  • @ostewart I just played a game with someone on untap and i think i have the hang of it. I played my greater borders deck against UR Delver and won :)
  • Nice! Yeah, just finished beating t1 tron on t4 with my scissors.
  • What's your username on untap @TheFriendlyGeek? And when can you play?
  • Meanwhile, I'm that guy that plays infect in commander and burn in sixty card, so it's no wonder no one likes playing against me. They're quite effective, though.
  • @TheFriendlyGeek My budget isn't much. Not nearly enough for affinity even though I like it.
  • @ostewart, I am trying out Do you want to play a game?
  • @ostewart, nevermind. Still having issues.
  • @Gelectrode will play anytime we're both online. Sorry the website is bothering you.
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