Honest Evaluations of Nonstandard Cards

I happened across what seemed to be a user creating mock cards based on the Justices of the Supreme Court (USA) and I decided that what the card clearly needed was some real insight into its play-ability in MTG. I wrote a thorough evaluation of the card just in case its creator was curious as to how his informative piece on a Supreme Court Justice would play in a real deck.


Has anyone else ever gone out of their way to try to make sense of cards that aren't supposed to make sense? I encourage it. Post your results here.


  • It happens a lot. Some of the really good cardsmiths here, like Suicidal, Beeswax, MrRansom & Noobz... just to name four, or else I'll be here a long time... do this quite often. A lot of the cardsmiths you see on the favored list will go out of their way to offer advice and rewordings... they are the reason people like myself stick around. I didn't start off making good cards, but the helpfulness of the regulars, and even some of the not so regulars make this site fun and helpful.
    The people who helped me when I first got here were Creestab, AustinSmith and MrRansom. Who knows, maybe you'll inspire someone too!
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    @Corwinn, I think you missed the point. This is supposed to be humorous and for cards that are intentionally not realistic, not for cards from newer or younger users.
  • Oh... I gotcha! What was I thinking!
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