~ Eternal Twilight ~

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It is said that the sun of the plane Arkhos is frozen in time, causing dreams, thoughts and memories to form a life of their own, while the creatures made of flesh and bone struggle to live in an Eternal Twilight.

So what is this set about?
Some of you may know the cards Lethe Lake and River of Tears:
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They both are from the plane of Arkhos, a plane which has been later replaced by Theros. I thought that the concept of dreamlike world would be really cool (I also noticed this isn't an original idea at all, but hey), so I began to think about a set which would take place on Arkhos. Both Theros and Lorwyn touched the concept of dreaming a bit, but it wasn't the main theme and in my opinion it was poorly executed on Theros (the mechanic Inspired).

A bit of backstory:
On Arkhos, dreams usually live in a symbiotic way with the inhabitants and humans living here are used to the tiny amount of daylight they have. Dogun, a planeswalker who happened to appear on Arkhos, is not used to a world without light at all and he tries to form a group of people of equal thoughts. Together, they want to defrost the sun of Arkhos, situated on Luxnos, the highest mountain on Arkhos. However, they have an enemy – Ashiok, who knows that defreezing the sun would lead to the extinction of all abstract beings (his beloved Nightmares, for example) doesn't want anything to change and he's ready to use everything he has to stop Dogun and his companions.

Mechanics/set philosphy:
Because I'm really good at not finishing things, I'm starting at 120 cards as whole. Because of that, there isn't room for many mechanics. The keywords are:

• Dreamborn X – {cost} (You may cast this spell for its dreamborn cost if you control X or more tapped creatures.) - White, Black and Green keyword, enchantment creatures.

• Imagine. (To imagine, name a card, then reveal the top card of your library and put it into your hand if it was the named card.) - Blue, Red and Green mechanic, although I have trouble finding a way to make this work on commons in Red - they just can't draw cards without drawback.

Other mechanics:

• Blue/Black mill subtheme - just because Lethe Lake and River of Tears.

• Red/White "Carpe diem" - Creatures, enchantments and instants doing "As long as it's your turn,..., as long as it's not your turn..." / "If it's your turn, ..., if it's not your turn,..." represent Dogun and his group.

• Red/Blue/Black "Memory burn" - Exiles stuff from your graveyard, gives you a 1/1 Memory token with haste or other things.

-Creature types: Somnids (Dreams, but it sounds more cool), Nightmares (Black Somnids), Thoughts, Memories, Humans, Zombies (on this plane, humans whose souls were stolen), Dryads, maybe Spirits and Elementals and maybe some more.

I made a new account for the set, it's called Arkhos. If anyone would be really interested in this set, I am open to collaboration. Especially when it comes to uncommons, I might have a hard time thinking of some interesting ones. The mechanics themselves might see more tweaks, so even though I've already made all commons on Magic Set Editor, everything is still open to changes.
The whole set can be found here: http://mtgcardsmith.com/user/Arkhos


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