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Spells with Power/Toughness!

Well. I'm back. It's been a looooong time. I've created cards in this time, not on this site, then, for old times' sake, came back here to see what's new. I noticed that you can manually add power/toughness, and that reminded me of a keyword that I created during my absence from this site.


If you cast this spell for its embody cost, it resolves as an Elemental creature.

Embody goes on spells, but theoretically could go on artifacts and enchantments. If you cast it for the alternate cost, after the effect resolves, it becomes an elemental with power and toughness equal to the numbers in the bottom corner. If it's another permanent type, like artifact, it retains that type even if it's embody cost was paid.

The concept is simple, the actual implementation into the rules isn't, but I'm no expert on that, so please don't spam me with comments saying that this doesn't work, this contest is for fun. :)


Anyway, the challenge is to design embody cards. No prizes, just for fun. There are some rules, though:

1) Please format the cards and mana costs correctly, it makes it easier to read that way.
2) Don't make the card horrendously overpowered.
3) Joke cards are allowed, but try to find some interesting design space with un-cards.
4) You can spost non-embody cards as long as they supplement embody well, and you have an embody card with it.
5) Enjoy the challenge!


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