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Ambush Challenge (closed for judging)

Hi all,

This is my first challenge, so I may break several (*cough* all) rules.
This challenge is on the Ambush ability that I believe I created (I haven't seen it anywhere else).
The basic jist of it is this:
Ambush X (Whenever this card or another card with ambush enters the battlefield under your control, this creature may deal X damage to target creature.)
In most of the cards I made I forgot to mention the 'under your control' bit but it still means that.
Here are some of my cards with the Ambush ability:
(Also see my set for this if you would like to see more)

Your task is to create cards with ambush or that would work well with ambush. They can be any type or colour. Bonus points will be awarded to cards which add to the flavour of the Jolhari race (disciples of Jormangandr, see cards for details) and/or have aspects of snakes in them (I like snakes).

I will judge on Creativity, Balance and Flavour.

First Place will receive 1 follow and 8 favourites.
Second Place will receive 6 favourites.
Third Place will receive 3 favourites.
There will also be a few honourable mentions who will get 1 favourite each.

I will probably judge on Sunday the 12th of March 2017, but this could change based on how many people enter.


  • I think the ability isn't unique enough or scalable. This means it's hard to truely get creative with this mechanic! As you can see, you've needed to make a lot of cards with ambush zero just to get a footing for the ability founded.

    People also prefer mechanics that could see eternal play in formats such as Modern, Legacy, or Commander. They don't have to be strong, just mechanically interesting. As such even tribal abilities or cards should be usable in decks not dedicated to tribes with a degree of consistency!

  • I see what you mean.
  • Here is my attempt to make a version of "Ambush"
    I think it's difficult to keep it as is and explore other colors, as this is a Red Mechanic through and through. You could make it more of an Ability Name keyword if you wanted to use it in different colors...
    Ambush - Whenever another [card type] with ambush enters the battlefield [effect]

    ...Walk in the Pit of Snakes deals 1 damage to target creature
    ...put a -1/-1 counter on target creature creature becomes unblockable

    Just a thought

  • Sounds good.
  • Someone else might have another idea, but as of right now, I'm in sole possession of first place!
  • Thats right!
  • edited March 2017
    We'd recommend some changes to the wording of ambush as it has some minor wording issues. Other than that we feel the ability is too restrictive, but we have no ideas to fix that other than changing the mechanic!

    Ambush (Whenever another permanent with ambush enters the battlefield under your control, you may have Walk in the Bog of Snakes deal 1 damage to target creature.)

    If you want, you could make the mechanic something different like the following! (If it was for creatures only.)

    Ambush (When this creature enters the battlefield, you may have it fight another creature you don't control.)
  • The point of the original ability was to have creatures deal damage without taking any but as @Corwinnn said, having a different effect for different cards with ambush would work.
  • That's true, we just we're thinking over ideas that we're different from what we've seen!
  • So if you want to change the effect of ambush and want to make a card with it, then go ahead and make it and it can enter.

    The main theme was like that of the ally cards, when anything with ambush enters the battlefield, all ambush effects happen.
  • Here is a card which uses @Corwinnn 's idea of an ambush ability:
  • edited March 2017
    Very good.
    This does not affect cards made but I believe you Ambush abilities would be better if it said "Whenever this card or another card with Ambush enters the battlefield, effect"
  • Ohhhh yeah
  • But it doesn't have haste, so it losing defender wouldn't matter on the turn which it is cast. MATHS!!!
  • I know, but what with cards which give haste like maze rusher?
  • Yeah, and thats a red card. This is green-black.
  • @Swegboss12
    That's why you have a 3 color deck
  • Phwip Tishhhh!
  • edited March 2017
    (edited. Thanks @Jyagaimasu )
  • @LyndonF
    Nice, I like your card.
    It is up to you but I reckon it should be Whenever this or another card with ambush enters the battlefield, effect.
  • @Jyagaimasu ok, you got me there. also how many cards can we make??
  • as many as you like but not spammy with so much.
  • @Swegboss12 Excuse me! that was ME who got you not that verb form of a potato.
  • Or hammer of purphoros. I have no idea whether that is spelt correctly.
  • edited March 2017
  • @sanjaya666 That is a pretty good card. Slightly OP but good nonetheless. :)
  • as there are not much entries right now, I think I will judge on the 19th at the latest. Remember you may have as many entries as you like, so put them in!
  • 2 days to go now.
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