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Worldbuilder #3 - Flint, a Colonial City

For decades, the so called "civilised" in the east have yearned to colonise the far-off shores of the west, where an azure sky reigns over miles of lush jungle and open flats. The west is a world of danger, of treachery, of beauty...A world ripe for exploitation as the settlers arrive...

Welcome, cardsmith community, to the third worldbuilder contest! This is the third worldbuilder contests, after Khare and Namarune.

In this contest, we aim to create a story around the given map by leading off the last card posted, writing a lore blurb to explain how this card fits in the world and links to the last card. As you can see, we are exploring the city of Flint, a far off outpost of an exotic, somewhere west of the Great Cities. The site where this city now rests was once the place of a great bay, the people free to do what they wished, with no common laws. Yet now, settlers have built a mighty merchant town, dealing brutally with the original owners of the land.

Please lead off this card and lore:

Area: Governor's Mansion
Main Focus: The Governor

Lore: A prosperous merchant in the more savoury parts of the world, Governor Torq left his ancestral home to sail the world, conquering far off shores and converting the uncivilised savages to a more respectful way of life. Naturally, his conquest did not go without fierce resistance yet, as one often does when leading an army of faithful crusaders, soon managed to persuade them they were wrong. Now, settled down in the Shores of Hathalborn, he has achieved all he could of ever wanted - people to rule, servants to be served by, and safety to cherish.

Yet, his home that has seemed to be safe for almost a decade has recently become under threat, as the "savages" from neighboring territories, the "natives", lead raids, attacking his home and leaving a trail of destruction in his wake. Will his civilisation fall? Is the might of respctability more powerful than that of chaos and destruction? It's your choice...

- As many entries as you want, although please don't spam.
- Don't make two entries in a row.
- Please use the formatting I did with the Governor.
- You may make as many cards as you like leaving off the last card.
- Please make sure someone can lead off your card.
- Only NEW cards.


1st place: Three favourites and a follow from one of my alt accounts. You will also have the opportunity to influence what map I should use for the next "worldbuilder" contest.
2nd place: Two favourites and a follow from one of my alt accounts.
3rd place: A favourite and a follow from one of my alt accounts.
Honourable mention: A favourite from one of my alt accounts.



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    Area: The Governor's Mansion
    Topic: Daughter of the Governor


    The sun was shining bright, but its rays couldn't pierce the giant building that covering two people beneath it. They stood on a balcony, to be precise.

    "What is it Ivana?" Asked a male person with a rather gruffly tone. He wore a set of plate armor along with a scabbarded short sword at his side. Governor Torq, people normally called him.

    "I'm pretty sure you know what I'm going to say, father." Said a rather young female person. She also wore a set of plate armor, but the plating wasn't really much covering her body because for the dexterity reason. She also has a scabbarded short sword at her side.

    "Hmph, these times are really hard huh? What we need is a miracle to end and win this conflict once and for all." Told the Governor with his hands placed behind his back.

    "Or wizards. A powerful one is mostly enough." Remarked Ivana.

    "So you really want to persuade one eh? You know you're my one and only daughter, Ivana."

    "How many times I told you that I can handle this matter?" Mentioned Ivana, her hands folded.

    "Fine, but bring him with you too." Added the Governor.

    "But what about your safety? You know that those incompetent soldiers won't do much to protect you." Rejected Ivana.

    "Don't worry for that. I'm already too long dawdling in this matter and I'm also not particularly young anymore."

    "Heh, it's always like that kind of theatrical horsecrap, is it?"

    "Ha ha ha, your mother would be proud of you, if she's still here of course."

    "...Yeah." Ivana looked to the ground. A wave of sadness washed over her.

    "Alright then. There's no good by dwelling in the past anyway. And also take a proper protection from the cleric too. Please, be careful, Ivana."

    "Okay, I won't say don't worry because it would just make you worry instead. If I also could find a miracle or something that can turn the tide of this conflict to our favor, I'll be swiftly back, father."

    "Just go now, don't make this thing harder. And come back alive." Said the Governor with heavy heart.

    "We'll see us again, father." With that, she walked away with resolve in her mind.
  • Someone is going to make a card about poisoned drinking water. It's inevitable.
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    Everyone should refrain him/herself to kill the main characters. That's ridiculous and BAD to the story if everyone makes card that about kill the previous characters. For real tho. Like 'hey, let's just make a card that ends the world like apocalypse or something and kill everyone. He he he...' Nope.
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    {sorry, didn't want a huge jump in story}
    as Ivana left her fathers mansion she looked at the bridge before her, she had walked this bridge many times in the past but she was going to embark on a long quest so she took a mental picture of the bridge and set off on her quest

    Iverna was lost in her thoughts when a strange man stopped her.

    " may i bother you for directions miss?"

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    Try telling that to George R.R. Martin. Death in a story provokes emotion. Don't forget, Wizards has killed off plenty of people, like Venser, Elspeth, and Yawgmoth.

    EDIT: To clarify, I'm not saying people should start killing off characters left and right. I'm just saying that if timed right, it could give a large boost to the story.
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    What I tried to say was: don't kill other people's character off if he or she disagree with that. If that's your own character instead, I don't mind it.
    A charming young man cordially asked Ivana for the time as she strode briskly through the crowd on Torq's Bridge. Having obliged him, he melted back into the crowd, and it was only when she reached for her purse to pay for passage at the tollbooth at the end of the bridge that she realized it was gone.
    What could she do? She could return to her father in shame, crawling back after only a few hours to ask for more money, and forever prove his underestimations of her true. Or she could beg for money, and shame herself further, as well as shame her father, for for it would not do for the people to see the governor's daughter begging like a common vagrant. Her other, choice was to break her father's own law and attempt to sneak off the bridge without paying, and shame herself and her father if she was caught. Alternatively, she could attempt to cross in a boat and lose days of time, but she knew that time was of the essence; she had to return with a mage to end the guerrilla attacks made on her father's troops and colonists by the Western natives.
    What does she do? Return, beg for money, or try to sneak off the bridge?
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    Area: Near the Torq's Bridge
    Topic: Just a Guardian


    In a not so far off distance, a hooded person observed at something, or rather at some certain female person.

    "Damned thief." Flustered a hooded and armored male person that also carried a longsword at his back, and many other things. The Governor himself who personally sent him to watch over his daughter because he knew that his daughter was almost always careless towards her own life. The person was also known as Derrick, the personal guard of the Governor's family. Skillful in combat and also a resourceful person.

    He then continued to observe carefully at Ivana and also to avoid direct contact with her. For now. After all, it was his duty to protect her anyway.

    "What do you do now, girl." Monologued Derrick while still observing the Governor's daughter, and while also holding a purse full of gold that obviously belonged to the observed person.

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    (Note: The Sly Pickpocket isn't dead, @MagicChess. It's still your decision anyway.)
  • @sanjaya666, I don't think that Sly Pickpocket needs to ever be mentioned again, let alone be killed. It's kind of a minor character.
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    "Oh, thanks you" said Ivana "If you could kindly give me my money so I can cross the bridge"

    Derrik hands the purse to Ivana "You shall cross the bridge, but not with out me, thank your father for that."

    "Oh, very well." Grumbled Ivana.

    Ivana and Derrik start to cross the bridge, the continue for a while and stop to rest for while. They through pieces of the the bridge that have broken off. As this happens a menfolk, Anosa, a scholar of the under water academy, Nranumia. A piece of the bridge hits the water as she studies. Annoyed she rises above the water.

    "How dare you humans disturb my studies" said Anosa. She sends a gust of water at them splashing off the bridge. "The knowledge of the sea is much needed, your disrespect shall not go unheard." Yells Anosa as she dives into the water.

  • @Mtgwizard9003 hate to tell you, but that is already art on a magic card! I've used the art before too. :(
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    Torq fears the merfolk settlement in the waters surrounding Flint. They are natives, after all, which Torq fears. He fears their studious ways, as they may have powers beyond Torq's comprehension. He has ordered specialized mages to torch the settlements underwater with Fire that never goes out. But they have yet to find the main merfolk academy, Nranumia.
    Meanwhile, underwater......
    The merfolk of Flint are as angry with the colonists as the rest of the natives of the West. Rumors, greatly eggagerated, circulated Nranumia and other sanctums of the merfolk about the insolence of the governor's daughter herself, who assaulted a peaceable merfolk scholar by collapsing part of the bridge on her. Unrest is stirring in the underwater realms, and the merfolk are about to take a greater role in the opposition to the colonists. Will they band together with other Western natives and attempt to vanquish the invaders once and for all?
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    Hello fellow CardSmiths, we just wanted to remind everyone to write in the following format as KJMartin has mentioned! (Bold text not required.)

    (Anything similar will do just fine!)


    The main and/or current location
    Main Focus: The main event, place and/or character being looked upon
    [The card image itself or even just a link]

    Then a story description for the next person to lead off of!


    Please provide a link to your card's page from MTGCardSmith!
  • Area: the areas surrounding flint and the waters.
    Main focus: the missionaries.
    Dalthor leads the missionary movement in Flint, wanting to convert the natives of the island to the easterners' religions and practices. In doing so, Dalthor has collected allies among the natives and merfolk.
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    Area: Somewhere in the Cloudwood.
    Topic: A Kind of Magic Book


    Around a small bonfire in a ruined building, two people were having a conversation

    "Do you even have the slightest idea about what you're actually doing? This all seems to be a big mess of pointless horsecrap." Stated Derrick with a slight annoyance.

    "Not quite. During a raid into an enemy base, I found this." Ivana then showed him a slightly old tome that has some intricate carvings and it also had an small gem etched on its cover.

    "Let me see it..." He then took the tome and started to read it. "It looks like that those are pretty impressive spells, even just one of them can lay waste to any of our enemies, but sadly I'm not a wizard."

    "Yeah, that's why we have to found one, and persuade him or her."

    "So, no one from the clerics can perform any of those spells?"

    "Mm, not really. They're just not strong enough to do any notable damage. They said they just didn't have enough magical capabilities to unleash the full power of any of those spells."

    "Did your father know about this?"

    "Yes." Said her shortly.

    "I see. That's why bringing a whole legion with us is a bad idea. But also jeopardizing your life is a bad idea too."

    "Well, uh I..." She stammered.

    "What were you without me anyway." Retorted him.

    "Fine. I admit I was a bit too... eager by this mission."

    "..." He only folded his hands and stared at her. "You know that only a planeswalker-level wizard who has the capability to unleash any of those spells at full power."

    "A very strong wizard could also may be enough too... Wait, you know about the existence of those planeswalkers too?"

    "I'm not an uneducated dimwit, girl. I also once met a planeswalker while I was still a brat." He stated while staring at the bonfire.

    "Wow, that's... Interesting. I heard that only a few people that have such talents, it's a great luck if you could even meet one of them."

    "Just go to sleep now. We'll talk again tomorrow. I'll keep watch for a while." And with that, he then put the bonfire out.

    "Hmph." With a grunt, she just went to sleep.
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  • Yes, @modnation675 is right. It doesn't have to be the exact same formatting, but similarly would be nice :)
  • Also: while some conversation is fine, try not to make the thread a couple of cards with a big chunk of dialogue ^ ^
  • @sanjaya666
    Only thing I'd prefer is that sanjaya666 consider writing in full form paragraphs. It would make the longer posts easier to read!

    Although, it's nothing major. So don't worry about it! :)
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    Nope. :) (don't take it seriously)
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    May we ask if the card can be set like a spoiler since looking at the card currently is a bit of a spoiler. We still want the written piece though as an introduction! (Just for our reference.)

    Example below! (Actual image not used. XD)


    Erene, the Traveller
    Main Focus: Erene's Introduction as a Character
    [Spoiler Image]

    An introduction to the character showing thy personality, goals and past!


    Fellow CardSmiths, may we ask that Erene isn't killed off quickly as we have a detailed story for thy. We won't stop you from doing so though!

  • @Modnation675 I'm sightly confused as to what you mean. Why shouldn't we post pictures of our cards ? Unless that's not what you mean, in which case disregard this.
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    @Superman101 (By Modnation675)
    I'm not saying that. What I meant is that this card has a few plot secrets within its name and artwork. Of which we want to reveal over time. So we're giving people the option to not see those spoilers. We're not recommending this to others, it's just necessary for Mercyque's card!

    If you want to know what I mean, just look up Erene in our recent uploads on MTGCardSmith!

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    Area: the wilds surrounding Flint
    Main focus: the "champion" of the natives

    Ker'nan was never very sociable. He rarely participated in the activities of his tribe, venturing far into the wilds. One day, though, he became so hopelessly lost, he couldn't even tell which way was north. A wolf cub found him, and sniffed out the smells of Ker'nan's clanmates. The pair became inseparable, and Ker'nan quickly became a favoured fighter among his tribe, easily besting, well, anyone. The arrival of the easterners has made him incredibly violent and dangerous, and countless missionaries have gone missing, their mangled, flesh-stripped bodies found floating in the bay.
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