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Reverse Contest

So I really like making cards for contests, but have trouble coming up with ideas for cards on my own. So I decided to make my first ever contest, and it's kinda weird. The idea is that I want people to give ideas for contests and I'll make a card for those mini contests. I don't know if this will work at all but hopefully it'll be cool.

It's my first contest so I don't know how this'll go. I'll pick a few of my favorite entries and favorite a card of your choice that you've made. Plus everyone will be referenced in some way on the card I make for your idea. Submissions will be accepted until the end of March.

If anyone has suggestions on how to make this contest better, those would be most welcome. Thanks in advance to everyone who participates!


  • An Alien creature contest.
  • Why not a simple: double mana contest?

    Let people create spells with double mana of the same color (I.E. BB, GG, RR, etc)

    It's always fun to see how our smiths handle the aspects of balancing cards with limited resources and still manage to make a non-OP, decently playable card.
  • @Credius This is probably bad in AER AER KLD draft because there are only four ways to create colorless mana, but that's what helps balance it.
  • lol, I didn't think about double colorless in that regard xD
  • @HeroClixer, have you thought about Affinity and that card?

    What about a simple Timeshifted card? Like Wrath of God turning into Damnation?
  • edited March 7
    @Gelectrode My favorite card in the game of MtG is Stormtide Leviathan, so when it gets colorshifted you get this turtle thing.
    Also what do you mean with Affinity? Like putting it in the Affinity modern deck?
  • Try a Space ship with its own special "Space flight" Mechanic.
  • @TheGamingBolasChannel how's this? Spaceflight is Crew but requires you to use Vehicles to crew.
  • @HeroClixer
    Make a card using these three words.
    Vibrant (in the name)
    Warrior (creature type)
    Dietary (flavor text)
  • @Corwinnn Dietary was the hardest word to work in, and it compounded my self-imposed rule to include people's usernames in the flavor text of the cards I made for their suggestion.
  • lol, this one cracked me up xD
  • edited March 9
    Make cards with subtle (or unsubtle) profanity.
  • A card that has next to impossible requirements to meet that causes the end of a game, whether it be winning, losing, or forcing a draw. That'd be an interesting one to see, in my opinion.
  • @sanjaya666 - Maybe something that fits within the terms of use?
  • @Lujikul I hope you don't mind that I put a decent effect on the card too.
  • Nice one, a ship for me.
  • Planar Chaos had timeshifted cards based on an alternate present. This set redefined the color pie. Make a card that does something that bends/breaks the color pie as it is, but works in a redefined color pie. (The color identities remain the same)
  • edited March 20
    @JAM Your name had to be put in the title instead of in flavor text because I ran out of room, but it's still a cool card. I think this is what you wanted, a ramp spell in red/white, where in the current color pie this effect is exclusively green.
    Sorry it took so long for this card I was gone on spring break last week and didn't have a chance to check on my contest.
  • A serious card based on Donald Trump.
  • @TheGamingBolasChannel Why would anyone make that? It would just be a "You Lose The Game" card ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).
  • here, I made one, p.s. I am not fond of the man just so you know.
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