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The Slivering

So, I've been active on and off on this site for probably around 2 years(?) and have always thought some of the bests cards that people make come from contests. However, I've never started one myself, so I figured I'd step my toes into the water with something just for fun.

So, onto the contest! Love 'em or hate 'em, most magic players have some kind of experience or heard the stories of the one, the many, the slivers. So here is what I'm looking for.

Must be styled after the original slivers, aka, 'all slivers' not 'your slivers'.
If you can find good art, that's awesome! But unique sliver art can be hard to find sometimes, so if you have to borrow from other sliver art, I understand.
If you wanna get brownie points, try and fill some gaps mechanically in the sliver arsenal. Examples: skulk, dash, bolster, you name it.
Must be a new card.
Limit 3 cards per person.

If you want feedback on any of the cards, I'm happy to give it.
For now, I'll probably just favorite all of the submissions, might offer additional favorites if there's a good turnout.

Have fun!


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