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I Post the Commander - You Make the Cards for It

I am gonna try something new here. I like commander, I play it all the time. I'm sure many of you have played it or at least heard of it. Based on the title, you probably know what's going on here!


I am going to post a commander (a legendary creature). It may be a real card, it may be one of mine, or one of yours (with permission of course)! And you guys will have one week to post cards for that commander. Once a week has gone by, I will judge and decide the winners for that week. The next week I will post another commander and you would post cards for THAT one and so on.


- Use Realism! (correct mtg grammar, not too OP, etc.)

- The card can't be a color that the chosen commander is not. (If the commander is mono blue, your card and be nothing more than blue or colorless.)

- NO OLD CARDS!!! (Sorry :P)

- You may post no more than two cards

This contest begins now. I will post the commanders here. *takes deep breath*... GOOD LUCK!!!


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