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Recurring Artwork Challenge #1 - Abstract

Hey guys!

Since I'm a huge fan of great artwork on magic cards, I'd like to host a challenge on a regular basis, where I'll post up to three artworks with a different theme each time. Then you create an awesome card for it. :)

One entry per artwork. You can create any kind of card you like, no restrictions, as long as you're using the given artworks. You can edit the entry as many times as you like till I close the challenge for judging.
Judging will occur one week after the start of the challenge, this time it'll be the 21.03.17.

- Color, ability, and flavor matching to the artwork
- Balance (no OP cards please)
- Proper MTG wording and grammer

There'll be three winners per challenge, one for each artwork. They each get three favorites of my choice and maybe a follow ;) Also I'll favorite all entries I like.

Without further ado, here are the first three artworks. The overall theme is "Abstract":

_____Artists_____ (thanks @Faiths_Guide)
1. Anna Dittman
2. Magdalena Pagowska
3. Anna Dittman

Have fun!


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