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The MTG Cardsmith Pantheon (Closed)

Greetings fellow smiths, here's a challenge for you:

As we all know, the Theros block brought us a very unique twist on the original Greco-Roman pantheon of Gods, featuring 15 new deities with their own color identities and personalities. Some of these are:


Being a lover of legends myself, and the Theros block being one of my favorites, I decided I'd like to see what the community can think up. Put simply, your job is to create a God. Each contestant will be able to submit three entries.

Criteria: (Entries that do not follow the below criteria will be eliminated)
-Your God should be a legendary enchantment creature
-Your God should be indestructible
-Your God's name should follow the template (Name), God of (Something)
-Your God should not be a creature if your devotion to its color identity is less than a certain amount
-No joke cards!
-While not a definite condition, please try to give credit to the artist. Cards with credit to the artist WILL be held in higher regard than those that dont

You will be judged on:
-The creativity, flavor, and personality of your card. Your God should have a distinct place in the pantheon!
-The balance of your God

The prizes:
-1st place: A follow from me, and 6 favorites distributed among cards of your choice
-2nd place: A follow from me, and 4 favorites distributed among cards of your choice
-3rd place: A follow from me, and 3 favorites distributed among cards of your choice
-Honorable mentions: A follow from me

...With all of that out of the way, the contest can commence! The tentative judging date is April 1st, however it may be extended slightly if I feel the competition demands it. Good luck, and may the most divine win!


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