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Fast Turn Around Game

I love card creation games, but I need a quicker fix. These are fast challenges that close after eight entries or 24 hours, which ever comes first. Judging must happen ASAP, but within the next 24 hours. If the game is popular, we can expand to 10 entries, etc.

1. Challenges close after 8 entries or 24 hours, whichever comes first.
2. Judging ASAP, but within the next 24 hours.
3. Winner gets a card favorited by the judge and chooses/judges the next challenge.
4. Judges must contain a critique for each entry, even if very short.

The First Challenge:
Non-Mana Kicker Costs
Multi-Kick is OK too!


  • What do you mean by Non-Mana kicker costs?
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    Paying life, sacing creatures, e.t.c.

    1st Card is an example, second shows multikicker.
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    "Come for a ride?"


    "Don't disturb the passenger."
  • CLOSED Judging soon.
  • @Gelectrode I love your Kicker Cost and How the effect repeats if it was kicked.

    @Faiths_Guide Your card is so flavorful to me and has so much value. Very evocative.

    The winner is: Faiths_Guide! Congrats! Please post your challenge and let me know what card to favorite.
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    Make a card with:
    Clash (Each clashing player reveals the top card of his or her library, then puts that card on the top or bottom. A player wins if his or her card had a higher converted mana cost.)

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    The winner is... @TenebrisNemo with Intervening Presence!

    Close second was @pstmdrn himself! Couple formatting errors and WotC artwork dropped you in second.

    Post your follow up challenge and let @pstmdrn know what you'd like him to favorite!
  • Alright!

    @Faiths_Guide shouldn't the judge give a favorite?
  • @TenebrisNemo
    Faiths_Guide tries not to give favorites on thy main account as thy don't use a folder to substitute for personal storage.

    Gave you a favorite for winning! :)
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    Create a card with:

    Delirium — (If there are four or more card types among cards in your graveyard, …)

  • One of my favorite cards to have made.
  • edited April 2
    We went back to a past show to explore morals and bring a moving card. Hopefully, it expresses the mechanic effectively. (Hint: No option truely sets you free.)

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    Skeletons everywhere.

  • Interesting entries so far!
  • Alright, time for judging!
  • The Axe of Judgement falls!

    @Lujikul - Sporehost Spinner: I didn't even know this card existed. It's adorable and good! I didn't think spiders were cute until now.

    @modnation675 - Time to Choose: I can sense a tragic story within this card's flavor. The art is awesome as it shows the person's painful dilemma. This card is a piece of art! Nice work!

    @Brainifyer - Essence of the Mind: The card's idea is interesting, but the Delirium ability does not work in the way which you have written it. Also, when it becomes a creature, it should have a creature type. Maybe it should have been an Elemental or an Illusion? Nevertheless, the card's idea is pretty good!

    @sanjaya666 - Chapel Sicilia: A graveyard full of raving skeletons? Now I can die in peace... or not. I really like this card and its simple theme! You probably should have made the land give you colorless {c} mana, but it doesn't really matter. Good job!

    @ASubtleGhost - Aetherblade Inquisitor: This Aetherborn killer deadly. Way too deadly, I'm afraid. For four mana you get 3/2 killer and you only have to tap (activate ability/crew a vehicle/attack) and a player has to pay dearly. For one black mana, you kill tapped creatures and if you have delirium, you can kill many creatures in a single turn with this fella if you have enough black mana. Even the Royal Assassin isn't this good. Should have re-balanced this card! :(

    - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    And now, the winner is...

    modnation675 with Time to Choose!

    I certainly had a hard time to choose between modnation675's sanjaya66's and Lujikul's cards! Congratulations! And thank you for posting your cards everybody!

    @modnation675, post your challenge and let me know which card to favorite!
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    Our challenge is to make a card that uses the decree ability, as shown below in either of the forms.

    Decree - If [Card Name] would leave
    the battlefield, [Card Name]'s static abilities last until your next turn.


    Decree - If [Card Name] would leave
    the battlefield, [Card Name]'s static abilities last until the end of your next turn.

  • edited April 3
    (Please view the post on April 3rd for an edited entry.)
  • edited April 3
    It doesn't replace death as it doesn't say "instead". Rather it makes sure it doesn't leave the battlefield before this effect is applied.

    Your card wouldn't work properly, so please use the original effect.

    It's Intentionally not a keyword since it's similar to revolt in many aspects. Specifically, that it has varying forms.
  • The use of "would" suggests/implies a replacement effect. Wouldn't just saying "when it leaves the battlefield" instead of "when it would leave the battlefield" be more grammatically correct, even if they technically mean the same thing?
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