Let's Catch Up!

Hey guys! I have not been on mtgcardsmith for a long while and have come back from testing and building my modern deck and school has slowed down a bit. Now I have wonderful time to give ya'll an update! (No I have not grown older I am still 13.)

I recently competed in my first ever GP Trial for modern for Vegas.

I played this lovely deck that I am so happy I built: http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/greater-borders/
(Restore Balance)

This is how it went.

Game 1 --- 0-2 vs Grixis
Game 2 --- 2-0 vs Melira Company
Game 3 --- 2-0 vs RG Ponza
Game 4 --- 2-1 vs Storm
Game 5 --- 2-1 vs Bant Eldrazi

Then cut to top 8:

1-2 vs Taking Turns

I finshed 4th, 3 places short of byes, but I did get lots of store credit :)

I had so much fun and encourage everyone else to go to GP Vegas in June for modern (or any other format but NOT standard xD)

Now I would like to catch up on you guys and how the community is doing irl and on cardsmith!


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