Animist's Custom Character Flavour Text Challenge **Circuit Challenge**

Hi everyone!

I've been authorised by @Corwinnn to post a contest to kick off the next round of circuit challenges - woot!

One of the prizes of the recent circuit challenge was some month-long premium features to give away but alas I couldn't decide who to give them to so I've decided to host this challenge and then give them away to the winners!

So, the challenge is thus:

As some of you may have noticed (but probably not), some of my recent cards feature flavour text referencing a number of recurring custom characters. Unlike some of the more industrious cardsmiths around here, I'm never going to make a full-fledged custom set but rather I've just been making a number of cards over time that return to this small pool of characters in the hopes that, collectively, they tell a story of sorts.

Your challenge is to make a card of any kind (except planeswalkers) that either has flavour text that features one or more of these characters (the list is below) or where the name of the card includes the name of one or more of the characters or both. The flavour text can either be a quote from that character or reference the character by name.


So what exactly am I looking for? Well, the idea is you take a look through the sets that I've posted above to get a sense of what each character is like and to then make a card that features that character in a way that's consistent with the picture that I've painted of that character so far. The winners will be my favourite cards that I think capture each character best.

There are some pretty cool challenges on MTGCardsmith where cardsmiths are asked to make cards for a custom plane / set and the host has explained what the characters / factions / places are, etc. But the point here is that I won't give you that information - instead you have to piece it together from the cards that I've made so far. The fun for me is to see what sense you get of these characters just by looking at their cards. What colour of mana is this character associated with? What mechanics are they associated with? What sort of person are they? Who are their allies and enemies (check out all the sets I've posted above, as some characters will mention others - hint; Bjeldor and Jixxa are on the same side; they just don't much care for one another). In some cases, I've already make a card of the character themselves, which should help.

Although the focus of this challenge is on flavour, of course I'm also looking for balance, creativity, realism and so forth - all the usual criteria.

- Only one entry per cardsmith for each character (therefore 6 entries maximum)
- It's okay for a card to reference more than one character - just let me know which character you're entering it for
- You can make any type of card with any mana cost at any rarity as long as it's not a planeswalker.
- DON'T make a card OF the character - just reference the character
- You may edit or redo your entry until the end of the challenge.
- Cards must be created on MTGCardsmith

Here's an example made by @Corwinnn using Bjeldor Haerkenlaer


Corwinnn's explanation was: "He seems like a strong leader of men. One who inspires others to fight with courage." And a lot of people liked the card, which is awesome!

Each character will have three winners. Circuit points will be awarded as follows:

First place for each character will get one point.
Second place for each character will get half a point.
Third place for each character will get a quarter point.

In addition, each first place winner will get a month of premium features (three which I won in the previous circuit challenge and three that I'll be donating myself for a total of SIX PREMIUM FEATURE GIVEAWAYS up for grabs!)

Also, all the cards that I like, whether they win or not, will be added to the sets that I've linked above for their respective characters.

Sunday 23rd April

Phew! Sorry this is such a long post but it's not the usual sort of challenge and I wanted to try to cover everything that you need to know. Any questions, just let me know!

I hope you guys enjoy this challenge. This will be my last contribution before I take another of my breaks from MTGCardsmith over the summer so I wanted to try and do something interesting. Have fun! :)


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    Here is one for Jixxa:
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    Now one for Volkir:
  • Here's one for Thavra Vash. I noticed she seemed to have a twisted sense of fairness.
  • Thanks for the cool entries so far!
  • Here's one in line with Volkir's theme I reckon:


    P.S. funny enough I'd be interested in using the painborn mechanic for my Credius set if I may. (heavily based on -1/-1 after all)
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  • Sorry @ThyMaster - it has to be one of the six characters listed above.
  • @Animist So sorry. I thought Krishani was one of them.
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    a card for Tharva, "Tharva's Spellkeeper."
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    Fantastic contest idea! I think the only recurring character I have is the enigmatic Gelectrimagus.

    Here is a card based on Thavra Vash. From my point of view, Thavra is controlling and darkly hedonistic, but does not appear to have long-term plans. I tried to embody this in Moral Decay, which steals a creature for great value, but it's worth steadily declines as all of the drawbacks accumulate.

    And, of course, does this work?
  • @Gelectrode - Thanks for the entry! The only issue is that the rules state that Thavra's name should either appear in the name of the card or in the flavour text (or both). There might not be much room for the latter but if there's another name for this card that you can think of like "[Something] of Thavra" or "Thavra's [Something]" then that would be great!
  • @Nwk234 - Thanks for your entry but can you fix the link for your card so that it links to the card page rather than just the picture?
  • This card references Bjeldor Haerkenlaer.

  • This card references Jixxa Sedai. He's less of a formal student and more of a big fan of the lifestyle.

  • Very fun! I love your characters @Animist!

    I'll see what I can come up with.
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    First. For Bjeldor Haerkenlaer:

    This would be a great T2 to follow up with Tsoth Mora Sentry.
    It'd swing in T3 as a 3/2 that'll always hit before its blockers!

    Here's the quote from Bjeldor:
    "There is sober truth in 'strength in numbers', but, in the end, skill can best multitudes."

    My other concept for Bjeldor would've involved a temporary allegiance Instant/Sorcery in R/W/U that showed off how powerful Erudil and Bjeldor can be when they work in unison. I opted for this card instead (for now at least). Hope you like it @Animist!
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    My Julessa entry:

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    Second. For Julessa of Vaerholt:

    [Artwork may need updating. This is the best I have for now.]

    I hope it's obvious that this card is referencing Murderous Thoughts!

    The synergy here is with Herald of Julessa.
    I didn't want it to get out of control though, so I limited it to when it is unattached.
    Hope you like it @Animist!
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    @Faiths_Guide - Thanks for the entry!

    @everyone - Just to be clear, it's not required that your entries synergise ability-wise with any of the cards that I've linked above. It's cool if they do but the thematic connection is more important. You're free to make any kind of card you want with whatever abilities you want!
  • @Animist
    You're welcome!

    I did know that, but it helped with my design and seemed to help it mesh. This contest is great fun!
  • @Faiths_Guide - I know. It was just in case people noted your explanation about the synergy and thought it might be required.

    Glad you're enjoying the contest! :D
  • @Animist
    Figured that was it. *ThumbsUp*
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    Volkir entry:

    Thavra entry:

    Jixxa entry:
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    Third. For Volkir, Prince of Krovmir:

    I also wanted to reference Malicia in the flavor text, but I didn't want to drop reminder text...

    The synergy here is with counters in general (rather then particular cards). It should function very well with "Painborn", but it should also synergize with Hydras and the like quite well! Is this guy too cheap with the painborn reduction?
    Hope you like it @Animist!
  • Fourth. For Jixxa Sedai:

    In Jixxa's set her big effect wasn't being used much (IMO). She gives stuff flash! Most of the cards over there are already instants, so we need a card that itself benefits from flash and benefits you for casting stuff with flash.

    Gave Jixxa a little more dismissive derogatory text (probably directed at Bjeldor) in the form of an, intentionally misquoted, Dr. Seuss. It seemed fitting for the card and her personality: "You'll never attain to that which I have already" sort of attitude.
    Hope you like it @Animist!
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    Julessa entry:
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