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Come one, come all Closed

I want you all to make a card for each card type:
Artifact, Enchantment, Creature, Planeswalker, Instant, Sorcery, and Land.


Only one entry for each type.
Preferably no mixing the types, ie Artifact Creature. Please have a different submission for each.
They can do anything you want.
Only new cards.


Judging will be April 20th. (Maybe later depending on the number of entries)
1st Place: 5 favorites of their choice
2nd Place: 3 favorites of their choice
3rd Place: 1 favorite of their choice

I will follow anyone with 35 or more points.

Each card will judged out of 6 points. 1 point for each of the following:
MTG grammar, as well as proper English grammar.
Art selection.
Flavor text.


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