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Mini Challenge - Pears!

Hey there, Cardsmith community!
This is a pretty impromptu contest; I was looking for art and went to DevianArt, where many of us get our artwork. To my great surprise, there were only pears!
Grinning, vaguely ominous pears.
I was, and am still, very confused.
Anyhow, I've decided to take advantage of this opportunity and make a quick, three-week mini challenge.

The Rules:
- Make a creature with the subtype pear.
- Three entries max.
-One old card max.
-I would say no profanity or nudity, but considering the images will be pears.....

The Prizes:
There will only be one winner, and that smith will receive....
-A favorite of their winning entry, as well as three additional favorites distributed among their cards.
- (And, even better...) A token with pear art named after them!

You have about three weeks to make your pears. This challenge will end on Friday the 28th of April. I will judge over that weekend and announce the winners soon after.

For inspiration, check out @Undella2 's set, Biting Pears:, who seems to have gone on a pear-making craze.


  • I don't think I'm going to enter this one.
    I mean, I still have about 8 more pear arts saved on my computer, but...
  • That's not a pear! It's an orange! How annoying!
  • @Biblio4, lol! I'm going to assume that's not an entry XD
  • Not an entry. He's so annoying. Pears hate him, like at the end of the original video.
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  • My pear hasn't grown big enough to enter this contest. Give it some time.
  • MagicChess but everytime they say bump, they get 5% more sad that no-one is making entries.
  • Let the memes pass on everybody, it was an April fools joke and it's already the 19th.
  • Whaddaya say we just end this now...
    *Mimes putting a gun to head and shooting*
    Two entries. *sigh*
  • Okay. *sigh* Now this is what I call a flop. The winner: @pstmdrn with Hypnotic Pear! Thank you and @foxman2 for entering.
    @pstmdrn, here is your prize! As promised, you as a pear!!
  • This contest is now closed.
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