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Potions are such a fantasy staple, I have always wanted to see cards that allow you to brew potions out of ingredients. Though, I wonder how to make this work while being both fun and strategically viable.

Create a card that shows off a Potion brewing:
1. No Joke cards
2. Old cards are ok if they fit.
3. One entry per creator (unless your mechanic requires other types of cards ie. ingredient tokens)
4. Cards can be edited until end of contest
5. Closes on 4/16
6. Prizes: 1st: 5 likes, 2nd 3 likes, 3rd 2 likes, HM 1 like.

Here is an example, though I don't think it is that strong. I hope you guys make something better!



  • Fun concept! I like the idea of going through the trouble of getting the 'ingredients' for the potion, like a Trap. Maybe have Alchemists that give benefits to Potions you control...
  • @Gelectrode, I like the idea of Alchemists tribal interacting with Potions.
    @pstmdrn, you said that we should make a Potion Brewing mechanic. Yours and Gelectrode's cards don't have a mechanic for it, and I must say I like it that way better. Are you going to restrict it to a mechanic? And will you accept Alchemists that interact with Potions as entries and/or companions to entries?
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    I didn't necessarily mean "mechanic" in the rules sense. More of something that functions as brewing a potion. I edited the instructions.
  • I really dislike the additional casting cost, then simple tap for an emblem. It makes it so things that put it directly onto the battlefield like from a graveyard for instance, skip the "ingredients" while also making it useless as an artifact in the meantime like for improvise. Just being able to cast it cheap is ok, but with those requirements as part of the activation rather than casting.
  • It doesn't necessarily need to be an additional cost when you cast it.
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    Thanks, that's why my example is bad. I want you guys to come up with better Potion cards. I had a hard time coming up with a good idea. I had it as an additional cost to cast to seem like you were Brewing it. You don't put in the ingredients when you drink a potion, but when you create it. But I understand how cheating it in ruins the effect as well.

    Let me see your take on it. It may have nothing to do with discarding. Maybe saccing things from play or something. Necromatic potions might exile form graveyard or something else. Recipe cards?
  • You could also put in a conditional if statement, "If 'potion' enters the battlefield without its potion cost being paid, sacrifice it as it enters the battlefield."
  • ooh, nice work around. maybe even different ingredients giving different effects. so many possibilities.
  • Personally I really like the idea of this challenge. are you sure we can only create one card?
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  • Maybe something like this ?
  • @Jyagaimasu It's only because I give thoughtful critiques of each entry and too many entries overwhelms me.
  • The remade version.

  • Nice cards so far! Let's see some other takes on the idea! Really out there stuff.
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    (@MagicChess I didnt realize we used the same picture lol)
    image image image
  • image

    Like all forms of potion making, the perfect concoction requires strong ingredients, and a stronger individual.
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    Here is my entry:

    You need to plan it very carefully, but its reward is very good. Timing is of the essence.

    EDIT: Life changed due to popular opinion.
  • @Jyagimasu I very much like the idea of the card, but 10 life is damn expensive for a mana ramp card; even one that can give you 15 mana of any color.
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    Here's a potion that can become of three different potions, depending on the ingredients.
    Sorry, I could not find a way to make the last word fit in the textbox without majorly changing the card.
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    Ok, I will spend 20 mins of my time remaking it as I do not have prem :(

  • Hey, @Everybody, @pstmdrn, any ideas for the name of a mechanic where you create a potion token? (Copyright MagicChess, all rights reserved, patent pending XD). I'm thinking about making something similar to Investigate, but instead to use the effect of Alchemist's Daughter ( All I can come up with is "Brew" and "Concoct."
  • @Jyagaimasu
    I feel for you I don't either
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    Refined from the entrails of tarmogoyfs.
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    @Class, definitely not Fabricate ( XD )! Thanks for the help. Any more suggestions anybody? I'm kind of leaning towards Concoct, even though it's not ideal.
    Another idea I had (®, © MagicChess 2017) is to have it be an ETB ability: Alchemy (When {this creature} enters the battlefield, create a colorless Potion artifact token with "Potion: Discard a card," and, "Sacrifice this token: Target opponent discards a card.")
    Or something like that. But I'm still looking for suggestions...
  • Random list, some good some bad: Steep, ferment, boil, distill, stew, prepare, infuse
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