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Who can make the best creature

Enter up to 3 creatures they will be judged by a panel of voters your best one will go on and compete for the title of Best Creature


  • Rules
    1. Up to 3 creatures you can change at any time until April 25th winner will be announced on the 30th
    2. Trash Talk permitted but don't be a jerk
    3. Old or new creatures permitted
    4. Be Creative
  • Rewards
    1st: 5 favorites of competitors choice, Bragging Rights
    2nd: 3 favorites of competitors choice
    3rd: 1 favorite of competitors choice
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    image image image
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    This guy's a transformer, should that not be clear xD

  • nice hey question how do you get the pictures and not the links
  • @Class
    Right click the image and select "Copy image address" from the menu.
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    image image image
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    Seems like Credius is winning remember you can have up to 3
    it works
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    Below are just some of our favorite cards for playability, flavor and overall unique gameplay.

    Major Edit:
    Heras is now balanced for all formats!

    Note: The second image is bugged due to Disqus. (The link still works as intended.)

    (Some are more tailored to EDH/Commander.)

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    Heras, Humble Protector is now balanced for all formats.
  • Trash, trash, trash, trash, trash.. (not being a jerk)
  • Dont mind him
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    image image image
  • Nice cards so far
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    Some stuff I've made recently:
    (Oops, all of them are green. I'm a filthy Timmy at heart :p)

    Verdant Abomination Gene Editor Amorphion
  • I mean...
    This challenge is kind of subjective, isn't it?
    Like, more than other challenges...
  • i like the gene editor but it is to powerful
  • @Class
    If I've learned anything from my still-moderately-short-life, things like...
    "Who can make the best ice cream"
    "Who can make the best custom Lego set"
    ...often end up with, well...
    Let's just say that, for example, the judge(s) like chocolate ice cream, and someone makes chocolate ice cream. Because of the way the brain works, that person has a higher chance of winning than anyone else, just because they delivered to the judge(s) personal interest(s)/likes.

    It's just, with a contest this open, it's very easy for someone to win because of something similar to the example above.
  • I like your thoughts on this topic mainly the whole brain part I am a nerd but I will do my best to be fair and I am getting opinions from a veteran player and a few new people
  • @Class
    It just really urks me when someone can get an advantage in a contest/challenge that's supposed to be equal.
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    I get it I can't stand it when things aren't fair
    why don't you join the competition
    I'd also like to point out I don't know anyone and they don't know me so they don't know what I like
  • Here are my entries:
    image image image
  • edited April 14
    Welp, fine then.
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