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  • Voting for a plane/set name

    These are the suggestions that have been entered so far (that passed my judgement) with how I think they're pronounced
    Solyra [so-leer-uh]
    Haldan [hall-dann]
    Ghettash [get-ash]
    Duskan [dusk-an]
    Novadoma [nove-uh-dome-uh]
    Eminence [that's already English]
    Guar'nell [gwar-nell]
    Maybe the pronunciations were unnecessary.
    Please vote in the voting poll discussion. Up to two votes per user. I'll be keeping track
  • I'll cast a vote for Solyra.
  • Solyra... lol xD
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    Ghettash. Where is the stress on this name? GET-ash? get-ASH? ge-TT-ash?
  • @pstmdrn
    In my head I'm pronouncing it Ghet-Tash. Similar to Ac-Count etc.
  • Guar gum is a substance used to thicken liquids in food preparation.
  • @strongbelieves I thought that was xanthan gum.
  • @Lujikul Different thing, same purpose.
  • How is this relevant? Also, get your votes in soon. It's closing in two days.
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    2) Guar'nell
    3) Eminence (Oops, I made three. Just ignore this one!)
  • The final results are in.
    Guar'nell 1
    Solyra 2
    Ghettash 4
    The plane name is officially...Gettash!!!

    Races of Ghettash.
    What races will be present on the plane?
    Which races will be in each faction?
    Cast your votes below. For this pole, sharing ideas in this discussion is permitted and encouraged.
  • Orcs should exist. Art's plentiful and the types underrepresented.

    Dwarfs, me like Dwarf-folk. Art's also plentiful.
  • Alterra - Human, Vedalkin, and Shapeshifter
    Glatorians - Dwarves and Giants (Lots of interaction between these two, mutual hatred, using dwarves as ammunition for their damage spells.)
    Hultaria - Sharky merfolk (Can use a lot of Sahuagin art) with Drowned undead (Blue zombies or ghouls?)
  • We're going to have lots of trouble with non MTG vedalkin arts. Plus, they usually only crop up in artifact based planes. Meanwhile, Sahuagin look like shadowmoor merfolk.
  • Hultaria needs Corrupted ;)
  • @Lujikul I will likely use sahugin art. It looks different enough in my opinion. Unless you have any different ideas, in which please share them with me as soon as possible. @Credius corrupted? Does this race exist on a plane I'm not familiar with?
  • Viashino needs a return and beautifully fits red green
  • @Thatcardartist7 remember what we talked about ...
  • Correct. My mistake. They likely won't feature them (at least not very directly) until the second or third set.
  • yes, that's the idea... though like three or four subtle hints might actually be in order
  • I figured. Do you by any chance have any sample art for an example of the race?
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    lol, it's simple... just find a human, zombie that looks all twisted and even more horrorlike than the usual stuff (I.E. like how the planeswalker Credius is in essence human...)

    Think on how the creatures of Lorwyn looked like during Shadowmoor: twisted versions of their original self
  • That makes sense. Thanks again, Credius.
  • The currently confirmed races are as follows:
    Hultaria- Humans, Sharkfolk, Zombies, Vampires, Skeletons, and Aven (designed like ravens, crows, and vultures.)
    Alterra- Humans, Dwarves, Constructs, Goblins (more Izzet like), and the scales (humanoid lizard folk. Believed to be descended from dragons and vary in look greatly).
    Glatorians- Humans, Dwarves, Goblins (typical), Orcs, Minotaurs, Centaurs, and Satyrs.
  • I've decided that the two factions that arrive in set 2 will have the color schemes of red green and white as well as blue black and green.
  • The next poll is very big. I want you to vote on the city structure.

    1-Delta system. The 5 color hub has a circle of water around it that splits into several rivers that separate the districts. Credit to @Odogom on that one.

    2-Tower. The city is a tower, each district a different floor linked to a portal disguised as a gateway to keep the citizens unknowing. The idea of hiding this from the citizens was created when the origional three factions collaborated on taking the city (only one faction left, now replaced by the Glatorians). This is still held true today.

    3-Dome of protection. A magical/artificed barrier exists around the city created by the three origional factions, protecting citizens and creating the illusion of a clear sky regardless of the engulfing shadow (which exists in other structures). Besides that, the city is basic. Walls separating each district, city wide, spread out.

    Please, 1 vote per user. Remember, there are 12 districts.
  • Delta system is my vote.
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