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Custom Card Creation RPG (BETA)

This isn't really a contest, but an ongoing game. As it is still in Beta, I am only accepting 2 players at first. This is how it will work:

-Players and will create a PC and a card to represent it under the GM's guidelines. This will begin as one mana cost creature with a relevant ability, but will grow with experience.

-Characters will adventure using a combination of abilities, combat and original cards to deal with challenges given to them by the GM, earning XP along the way.

-Adventures will be solo for now. When I get players, I will describe gameplay in more detail to them.

If you are interested in playing, please post here as to what draws you to the game.


  • I am interested.

    I love rpgs and played different pen-and-paper and computer rpgs. Regarding pen and paper, I am most experienced in D&D 3.5, but also played Chthulhu, Earthdawn, the firefly rpg, Das schwarze Auge and a little shadowrun. I also tried some other systems on cons, but didn't play them more often.

    Regarding computer games, I love Gothic I to III, Risen, Dragonage and the Elder Scrolls. Lately my favorite is the Witcher and the Witcher III - Wild Hunt might be one of the best or even the best game, I ever played.

    I am most interested in character development and like watching the character, I play grow. Of course, I have an idea, what my character will be like and how he or she will behave, when creating it, but my characters regularly surprise me.

    Optimizing the characters is nice, but not necessary for me. So if you wanna use a regulated rules system, it's fine, if you wanna play more free, I am fine with that, too. So, if you like, I am in. Maybe, you could tell us a little about the setting, we would be playing in like how normal is the use of magic and how are magicians seen? Are there many different fractions, fighting each other or do the characters live in a homogenous, peaceful world? What kind of monsters do they have to face? What is the tech level? Is it a mediveal world or another epoche? What is justice like (would rogues loose a hand for stealing an apple and barbarians be hung for killing a soldier or is law enforcement literally nonexistent)?
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    This is a very Magic based game. We would play on your character's native plane or a plane they happen to be exploring. Playing Ravnica, Zendikar, Innistrad or any other plane would be fun, but if you wish, I have original plane ideas as well.

    Making a character involves picking two magic creature types that you want to play, a race and class ie. Goblin Rogue. Then I will give you a couple of choices of colors. For the goblin rogue PC I might give you (R), (U), or (U/R) hybrid. Depending on which you pick, determines your PC's abilities. Picking red might give you first strike, blue unblockable, and U/R some type of P/T switching ability or something. You also will begin play with three Common or Uncommon Magic card spells of your colors. These can also be equipments!

    You start play will a small mana reserve and gain mana just by exploring around. As you encounter obstacles, you use your spells to overcome them. Spells can be used in creative ways as well, not just how they are portrayed on the cards. If you don't have any relevant spells, you can create one on the fly, but it costs one more colorless mana than the printed mana cost. Though, they usually earn more XP for creativity. You can also just fight.
  • Sounds cool. I'd like to explore Innistrad, because I love the lovecraftian horror elements, but I am open for whatever you have to offer :)
  • What type of character interests you? Race and Class.
  • OOOH, this looks so interesting, if you want me, I'm down
  • Sure, Credius. Character type?
  • (B) Skeleton
  • and a class
  • warrior I reckon (skeleton is actually better when starting classless)
  • Sounds great. Please make yourself a card with your PC's name as the card name. Casting Cost of B, P/T 1/1. Ability 1B: Regenerate. Common.
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    Oh, what plane did you want to begin on? And pick 3 common black or colorless cards. Note that some cards won't function , such as cards that manipulate the library.
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    hmm, probably Innistrad. Also common black or colorless cards from the real MTG or make my own/take my own?
  • Real ones. We'll get to originals soon enough.
  • Hmm, I choose vampire rogue, if I may. I'll look for cards and post them later on. Hom much mana may the cards cost?
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    Here are the cards, I choose. They all cost 1 cmc ans are red or black to fit the vampire rogue.

    Tell me, if my choice is ok and if the spells may cost more. Tomorrow, I'll make my character card.
  • @mila would you like to be black, red or hybrid? From your spell selection, seems like red or hybrid.
  • @credius Great character card.
  • I thought of hybrid.
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    @mila Excellent! When you get a chance, please make yourself a card with your PC's name as the card name. Casting Cost of (B/R), P/T 1/1. Ability Haste. Common. Where is your vampire from, or where woud you like to begin play? Credius character is going to begin near Havengul, which you can if you want, but any province is open.
  • Ok. Now I'm gonna get some more sleep but tomorrow, I'll make that card and choose a place to start and stuff like that.
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    I'd like to start with her in or near Stenzen, wich is a small town monitored by vampires. That seems quite fitting.
  • @mila Is that in Stensia? I can't find it in my Innistrad references.
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    I just googled Innistrad and clicked the first link, that led me to a german page about the world of Innistrad. There it is mentioned and is it said there, it lies high in the mountains, nothing more. Sorry. We can also choose another place to start.
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    Dead Life: RATHUS

    The decaying ship with a captain that didn't ask too many questions dropped Rathus and a few other unsavory types in the thick fog of the Havengul docks. Undead were attracted to this place, for it was easy to mix in with necromancers and other undead trying to remain unseen. Also, the Morkrut Swamp was nearby to the Southeast and many undead traveled there for nefarious purposes. The city lies ahead, shrouded in coastal mist and the beach sprawls out to the East and West.

    North: Havengul Town, East: Silver Sand Beach, West: Silver Sand Beach

    Stats: (3)/1 | Items: Bonesplitter | Gold: 5 | Mana: BBBBB | XP: 0/10

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    @mila No worries. It may the German translation of Stensia! It is all good. Your post will be up shortly. That is the main Vampire province and is exactly as you described. I am sure it is right.
  • ok, sounds good. I am looking forward to starting :)
  • @mila Can you please fix your card to vmapire rogue? Thanks
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    oh darn. I hate being unfocussed. I'll remake it. Done!
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