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Cursed Dice Roll: Unity (Set #2 V2)



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    I rolled: 4,4,4,2.
    a red legendary tribal creature with morph:

  • 4, 1, 4, 1

    Prowl, White, Legendary/Planeswalker, Tempo/Aggro

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    Noice! I love all things Esper.
  • 3, 2, 2, 5

    Prowl, Blue, Artifact/Enchantment, Tech/Sideboard


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    Polling Announcement:
    I'm having a hard time deciding the dice rolls for the next round, so I'm giving everyone the chance to provide feedback. Which combination do you prefer? (This week is gonna be special as we're not using any keywords whatsoever!)

    Vote a Set: Click Here

    Ability — Roll

    Set A: (3+ Player EDH/Commander)
    Council's dilemma — 1 or 2
    Will of the council — 3 or 4
    Parley — 5
    Lieutenant — 6

    Set B: (Tribal warlords!)
    Grandeur — 1 or 2
    Battalion — 3 or 4
    Kinship — 5 or 6

    Set C: (No gain without loss!)
    Fateful Hour — 1 or 2
    Morbid — 3 or 4
    Hellbent — 5
    Revolt — 6

  • @modnation675 I would like a revised version of set A or set C. If set A was the choice, I would want to see the Join forces and if set C is the pick I would like to see Fateful Hour removed or Embalm added (or both).

  • @KrampisZman, @Faiths_Guide, @modnation675, I agree. Join Forces opens lots of possibilities.
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    I thin A or C is good.
  • 4, 4, 1, 4

    Red, Legendary/Planeswalker, Tempo/Aggro, Prowl

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    Okay, cool I'll swap out Lieutenant for join forces on Set A. I was just worried at first since most join forces cards are extremely weak/unplayable. We were mainly scared that people would balance them with Standard in mind more than Modern and/or Commander.

    So unless the consensus changes I'll do Set A when I get back from a birthday party. Happy Birthday Mercyque and I. XD (Family dinner before the Saturday.)

  • So make sure to enter if you haven't already since I may be giving out extra presents in celebration of our Birthdays.
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    Weekly Results:
    Congratulations participants of the fifth-ish week. It's time to look at the top cards from last week and give out some prizes.

    Top Cards of the Week:
    1st - Tighe, Unstoppable Mastermind by @TenebrisNemo
    2nd - Phynida, Thief of Intentions by @0wlb0y
    3rd - Hunt of the Dragons by @TenebrisNemo
    4th - Mistveil Hydra by @Gelectrode
    5th - Lich Lords' Machinations by @0wlb0y

    Premium Winners: (Given to non-premium users this week)
    Golem of the Ancient Altar by @AustinSmith
    Sedris, Griffin Master by @theimmortaldeath
    Revitalize by @Class

    AustinSmith - 1 Premium Subscription, and a favorite.
    theimmortaldeath - 1 Premium Subscription, and a favorite.
    Class - 1 Premium Subscription, and a favorite.
    TenebrisNemo - 4 favorites.
    0wlb0y - 4 favorites.
    Gelectrode - 4 favorites.

    Leave a message to @modnation675 or on this post to collect your prizes. (Just confirming the accounts and what favorites you'd like.)
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    The keywords this week are as follows. (Update for 27th of April, 2017)
    (Due to this week not using keywords, please look at the following links for extensive details.)

    Rolled 1 or 2: Council's dilemma
    All players vote. Then a specific effect happens for each vote upon the types.
    Rolled 3 or 4: Will of the council
    All players vote. Then a specific effect happens for the type with the most votes. If the vote is tied, the card specifies which effect happens.
    Rolled 5: Parley
    Parley — Each player reveals the top card of his or her library. For each nonland card revealed this way, [Specific effect]. Then each player draws a card.
    Parley — [Trigger for the ability], each player reveals the top card of his or her library. For each nonland card revealed this way, [Specific effect]. Then each player draws a card.
    Rolled 6: Join forces
    Join forces — Each player starting with you, may pay any amount of mana. [Specific Effect].
    Join forces — [Trigger for the ability], each player starting with you, may pay any amount of mana. [Specific Effect].

    Fixed a minor punctuation typo on "Join forces"!
  • @modnation675 Fave any 4 cards of mine which you personally like!
  • edited April 28

    Black, sorcery, tribal, council's dilemma

    (Card changed again.)

  • 5, 1, 3, 3

    Parley, White, Instant/Sorcery, LateGame/Control

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    Rolled: 1,4,1,1:

    a white legendary aggro card with council's dilemma:

  • edited April 29
    4, 3, 1, 3
    Red instant aggro will of the council
  • Distribute your favorites as you please!

    1-3-4-3: White tribal/planeswalkers instant/sorcery with will of the council.

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    3, 4, 1, 5
    Green, parley, tempo, legend/planeswalker.
  • 5,3,4,6

    Green, sorcery, tribal, join forces

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    I rolled 1,1,5,4.
    a white sideboard land with Will of the council.

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    I rolled: 3,2,5,6:
    a black artefact or enchantment sideboard card with "Join forces".

    Yeeesh, that Join forces ability is one big block of text! Really hard to understand. Well, it does add to the theme of the card.

  • edited April 30
    @Jyagaimasu & Everybody
    None of the abilities this week are keywords by the way. So please don't format them as such, it confuses people.

    We favorited some of the cards that we like the artwork on a lot. Lots of hard choices since we actively follow your account already. :)
  • 4-4-5-6: A red tech/sideboard legendary creature with join forces. This one took me a while, it's supposed to be for breaking board stalls in multiplayer games (if the name didn't give it away):

  • edited May 2

    Blue, creature, combo, parley (fixed, hopefully.)

  • 2-2-5-3: A blue tech/sideboard enchantment with will of the council. Not too sure if this counts as "tech," but I thought it was a fun little effect:

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