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Waiting for Amonkhet: -1/-1 counters contest

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I am so looking forward to Amonkhet and can't wait for the new set to come. I also enjoyed the last contests, I made. That's why I want to pass the time by starting a new contest and hope, you have fun creating some cards for me. There are many things, I could have chosen, but one thing seemed to have the greatest potential to mess around with. I want you to create cards around the -1/-1 counters theme. There's no special card type or color, I want you to have in mind, just let your creativity flow.

Here are some examples:
image image

Judging will be around 30.4.2017 and I'll proclaim winners around 1.5.2017. I'll favorite every entry, because appreciate the work, everey contestant puts into making cards for my contests. But winners will have prices to claim as well:

1st will get 5 favorites of his or her choice or 3 favorites and a follow.
2nd will get 4 favorites of his or her choice or 2 favorites and a follow.
3rd will get 3 favorites or a follow.
Honorable mentions may choose a card I'll favorite.

So let the games begin and start to create cards. I am really looking forward to your entries.


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    @Mila eh... well not to be boasting, but I'm building a whole set based around -1/-1 counters xD... should I admit some of those cards or o they NEED to be new?
  • @Credius They don't need to be new, just choose your best ones and show me, what you got :)
  • okido here it goes, my perceived top 5 with -1/-1 counter action


    Simple artifact with can be a pain in the ass for opponents, but when used wisely a boon for yourself.

    image image

    In my own humble opinion, my best transformer card so far and a pain to deal with.


    When used in conjunction with the other cards in my set, this one can be a force to be reckoned with, especially when playing Corrupted creatures.


    Though perhaps slightly OP (if not rly OP xD) this one balances your own forces, while draining the opponent.


    Though I could've used my planeswalker or ramping Corrupted Dryad, I think Soulseeker best exemplifies that in the end everything on the board can be used as a resource or a tool to get to victory.
  • @Credius Ah, that's why I like hosting contests. You really put some worke into that and I am looking forward to having a close look at all these cards. Looks great so far.
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    Changed it.

  • @Mila How many entries per smith?
  • @TenebrisNemo Five entries per cardsmith.
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    This effort was originally inspired by Death Speakers - what would a corrupted Death Speaker look like?

    The Exhorters grant all creatures that have very few abilities ('vanilla creatures' and 'French vanilla creatures') a type of "super persist". Basically, I wanted people a reason to play with the junk cards WotC often prints, e.g. Those Who Serve.

    I also like how this card forces you to build around it. The Exhorters can save your weaker creatures, but the power of those creatures is going to get progressively weaker as those -1/-1 counters pile up, unless you can do something about it.

    With the mana cost, it may be a little bit off - I haven't made a card with negative toughness before.
  • @Cardshark

    There are means to work with your creature that would make it quite interesting. For instance Hex Parasite would have so much food to gorge on. And I think there is a sorcery or instant that removes all counters from a permanent.

    However if my Priestess were to share the battlefield with your Lichs... all you need is something to sacrifice creatures to and it'd become a ridiculous lifegain deck. Though Necroskitter would have a field day stealing creatures.
  • Sorry for the delay, I'll start judging today and tell you, who won around tomorrow.
  • Let's now come to the results:

    3rd place: Necro-dragon Hatchling by @Credius Quite early to be played and still great in late game when transformed. And it's a dragon and who doesn't enjoy dragons? One of my first choices for the top three.

    2nd place: Blessed Sufferer by @Connor2001 That's a card I'd really like to play and could see it in some decks, I have. I am not sure, if it's balanced, but it's flavorful and exactly the kind of card I like

    1st place: Neferet, Vizier of Decay by @sanjaya666 Very fitting for Amonkhet and I guess, everyone would like to have it in a zombie deck. Short and easy: I knew, this card is the top favorite, when I saw it. Really a great job, you did.

    Honorable mentions:

    Plague Zombie by @MrRansom If there were four top three cards, this would have been one of them. I think it's a well-balanced common, that could be a real card, created by WotC. Good job!

    Blood-mad Olav Aristocrat by @Credius I like that for its Innistrad-like feeling, wich was my favorite block lately. I guess, it could perform well in several decks and for that, it deserves to be mentioned here.

    Tomb Tender by @seaspray4TF3 Another one, that goes very well with the themes we find in Amonkhet. Not too powerful but still very useful. That's why it shouldn't go without being honored.

    Congrats to the winners and thanks to all, that entered. I enjoyed all your cards and wanted to take my time, choosing the ones I liked best. I hope, you had fun as well and you'll also create that many great cards for the next contest, I am already planning.

    Don't forget to claim your rewards!
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    Wow, many thanks baws. Just give likes to whatever cards that you find good in my page. (Since mostly my cards are just jankey and almost nobody wants to tell me how to improve it, saves from one or two people here and there.) Ah, whatever. Have a nice day.
  • @sanjaya666
    Your best bet on improving is being more open to suggestions/criticism. I still make poor designs often (perhaps more than good designs), but the reason I make a good one now-and-again is because I've learned a lot from great smiths here on the site and never hesitate to get opinions and learn from them (even if I don't change the card exactly).
  • @Faiths_Guide
    I'm always open for criticism lol. Posted lots of cards here and there but mostly they are just ignored. Well, doesn't matter.
  • @sanjaya666
    Most of the times you've received constructive criticism on the site you've freaked out and deleted the card(s). This behavior makes most not want to continue offering assistance. I'm not trying to put you down at all, just objectively stating my perceptions. I hope you find/receive much help and sense improvement going forward!
  • @Mila, thanks so much for hosting this contest! It was fun. I hope you do more. :)
  • @MrRansom

    What the heck man, I'm NOT A PREMIUM MEMBER. Of course I deleted them, then afterwards I change them. What the hell should I do then?
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