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Waiting for Amonkhet: -1/-1 counters contest

I am so looking forward to Amonkhet and can't wait for the new set to come. I also enjoyed the last contests, I made. That's why I want to pass the time by starting a new contest and hope, you have fun creating some cards for me. There are many things, I could have chosen, but one thing seemed to have the greatest potential to mess around with. I want you to create cards around the -1/-1 counters theme. There's no special card type or color, I want you to have in mind, just let your creativity flow.

Here are some examples:
image image

Judging will be around 30.4.2017 and I'll proclaim winners around 1.5.2017. I'll favorite every entry, because appreciate the work, everey contestant puts into making cards for my contests. But winners will have prices to claim as well:

1st will get 5 favorites of his or her choice or 3 favorites and a follow.
2nd will get 4 favorites of his or her choice or 2 favorites and a follow.
3rd will get 3 favorites or a follow.
Honorable mentions may choose a card I'll favorite.

So let the games begin and start to create cards. I am really looking forward to your entries.


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