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Commander 2017 Contest - CLOSED FOR JUDGING

It has been a while since my last contest, but here we go!

On April 18th, Wizards of the Coast announced that Commander 2017 would be making four new Commander decks in August, four months ahead of schedule. The most important detail, however, is that the new Commander decks would be tribal based, featuring brand-new tribal commanders! WotC specially said that the new decks will not specifically follow the color wheel, but will feature "some of Magic's most popular, and interesting, tribes!"

For skeptics and conspiracy theorists, here is the link below:

To get me and others appropriately hyped, I ask you to 'smith some crazy tribal commanders. They can be any colors, mana cost, and creature type, as long as they are legendary creatures that support the tribe. All entries must be new. They can be new takes on previous ideas (like RUG Goblins), or can be support for previously unrecognized tribes (like WUB Angels). Here is an example below, a fun creature that supports Wizards:


Don't know where to start? Here are some fun Tribal ideas:

• WB Clerics

• UR Elementals

• UB Assassins

• WU Birds

• GB Saprolings

• WR Soldiers

• RG Shamans

• WUBRG Womps

This contest will hopefully go on to May 5th. There will be three winners for this contest. 1st place gets 5 favorites of personal choice, 2nd place gets 3 favorites of personal choice, and 3rd place gets 1 favorite of personal choice.

• Please make a NEW Commander that supports a tribal group, preferably in a fun or creative way.
• Prizes are 5 favs for 1st place, 3 favs for 2nd place, and 1 fav for 3rd place.
• Entries must be submitted before May 5th.

Have fun!


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    May I ask if there is a entry limit per user?
    (Darn, they must be new.)

    Initially I wanted to post these three just because I thought they excellently demonstrated tribal support. (Still will be making more for the challenge though!)

    Alessa: Rogue/Faerie with additional sacrifice theme.
    Heras: Cat/Shaman primarilly with a control-esque theme.
    Henry: Zombie based tribal with a strong value theme. (Revised to allow dual colored zombies)

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    {w}{b}{r} Clerics!
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    {c} Walls and Gates!

  • This is my custom commander:

    I had wanted to create a Grixis strategy around Wizards and milling and so this was the final product.
  • I like everybody's creativity in their entries. Keep up the fun cards!
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    Thopter tribal, because why not. We've already got Hope of Ghirapur, after all.

  • Final bump!
  • O boy! I'll enter another soon! XP
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    image image
  • I made it out of my love of Lorwyn/Shadowmoor faeries.
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    I believe the Orcs need more leaders for them.
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    Old cards are allowed right?

    image image
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    {w}{u}{b} Golems

    {r}{b} Goblins

    {w} Clerics
  • @Gelectrode
    Are we assuming that these tribes would also get enough support to exist? The biggest challenge to tribal EDH decks isn't the commander: it's the 99. I've had a WB Clerics deck for a few years now, and it's pretty bad: Ayli and Athreos are both strong cards, but there just aren't enough good Clerics to make a whole deck. Should I stick to viable-ish tribes (Soldiers, Treefolk, Giants), should I make the commander archetype-defining (Azami), or should I just assume that a deck would coalesce around anything I make?
  • @Beeswax, those are good questions. I assumed that a deck would coalesce around anything I make. But now I wonder if I assumed correctly.
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    I second @MrRansom, @Beeswax.

    I was gonna do Golems, but there aren't a ton of options out there.
  • @Fatihs_Guide

    Blightsteel Colossus, and Darksteel Colossus would have to be staples for your deck.
  • @Beeswax, @MrRansom, @Faiths_Guide, @Mellenius, You can do whatever tribe you want, regardless if it has enough support! The goal of this contest is to create an innovative commander supporting a tribe in a fun and flavorful way.

  • image

    I merged most of the tribes used in Blue Beaters decks (sea monsters, mostly) into one, since they're all more or less the same mechanically and just vary based on what plane the set is on. I always liked lords that aren't part of the tribes they buff.
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    Bradamant is my attempt at at Weird tribal commander. Weirds don't have a keyword, but most of them care about spells being cast or have some ability to switch their power and toughness. As an engine, Bradamant can go infinite in a few ways, but you certainly don't have to build around that (coughNiv-Mizzetcough). Xenograft, Illusionist's Bracers, and Eye of the Storm all have powerful synergies with her. I'm still looking for feedback, if anyone is willing to give it.
  • 1 more day to enter! Get your last-minute entries in now!
  • image
    My attempt at a commander for W/U Birds and Illusions.
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    I'm not sure if this counts, but I have a Dragon Wizard ready to break all the rules! XD

    Note: When he is exchanged with a creature this doesn't effect your deck's color identity as that is done before the game. As such, it doesn't conflict with anything.

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