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Underealm crystals!

Welcome to Underealm! A plane that is completely underground. The plane has no sun, yet tons of plants grow. How? Well there are many crystal that give off light. In fact, there are all Sorts of crystal creatures in this cavernous plane. They all seem to work together too. Local militia believes that maybe they are all pieces of a bigger crystal and are all controlled by one Mind.

This is the first Underealm Contest. Crystals. Make any card that has something to do with crystals. One interesting mechanic that crystals have is Prestige. It does something depending on if you played another crystal this turn and/or how many.
Maximum Entries is 5
No joke cards

First Place: 7 favorites

Second place: 5 favorites

Third place: 3 favorites

Honorable mention: 1 favorite

Good Luck!


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