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Mix it up

This is a challenge that has multiple rounds, like @TripleBogey's Anything Goes challenge, or @Jyagaimasu's Desecration challenge.
Each day - might be more to start with - I will give you two actual mtg cards, and you will have to create a card that is a mix of both of them. You will be given a score from 1 to 5 and then you will add that score to the leaderboard. At the end of the contest, you will get a favourite for every 5 points you have.
In addition to this,
1st place will receive 3 favourites and a follow.
2nd place will receive 2 favourites and a follow
3rd place will receive 2 favourites.


  • Round 1:
    Mix the following:
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    Deleted due to noobiness
  • Also, nice photoshopping

    If anyone else wants to use it.
  • image

    Special thanks to @Odogom for the Artwork!
  • ooh yay, another entry coming
  • image

    I took the infect ability from the second one. It's ability is very similar to infect.
  • Is this dead?
  • I just don't think it's very popular. Especially the card choices!
  • Personally I think people are getting sick of the 'submit a new card every day challenges'
    My Desecration challenge is definitely finishing after this season.
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    Yeah, I don't like it as well. I was honestly thinking if this continues, I'd be leaving the site for a brief period and think some ideas up.

    I understand it's been successful for some. However, they are supposed to be things people can do on the side while we're waiting for contests to be judged rather than the primary purpose.

    This is actively making the forums dis-interesting while provoking very bland and similar challenges. Hopefully people catch on about this, as it's the main reason group sets are becoming more popular again. I prefer the thought provoking contests/challenges with a feeling of achievement than rotating challenges.

    Hopefully the plans for a larger contest from MTGCardsmith will sway these trends!
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    Yeah, people should stop making challenges with "points" or "rounds" whatever it is. It just kills the people's mood and the people who aren't very well by creating cards.
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    The contests seem to move with the group of Cardsmiths involved in entering them, and the popular ones almost always tend to spawn imitations, because no one wants to start a challenge and have it get no attention.

    I'm actually surprised the Daily Challenges have been doing so well, because it's usually hard for people to dedicate so much time to judging them on a daily basis. That kind of dedication usually garners interest, as there is no need to wait a week or two just to find out if your card won or not.

    I'm very interested to see what kind of challenge @sanjaya666 ends up making, just based on the perspective of never having played Magic. I have a feeling it might be interesting if he ever decides to make one!
  • Well I agree with scores But I think the rounds system in most incarnations is getting old faster than it should.
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    @Corwinnn Well, I knew Magic from that crappy (not really) mobile game that also has a very different format... (Still playing it though)
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    Disappointingly, the duels game is definitely lackluster. But I like that it's a free to play option for those avoiding the visually horrendous MTGO. (They need to work on that and some other things!)

    I enjoyed the time I spent with duels, even if it was short due to some of it's problems.
  • @modnation675 Hey, what's your opinion about MTGPQ? You also know that right?
  • @sanjaya666
    I'm not sure as I haven't tried it yet. It sounds like an interesting casual game.

    I couldn't find it on the app store for Samsung Galaxy when searching for it. I'll search for it again as I originally only found MTG Duels.

    Duels would be a fairly good game if it's deck construction didn't have variable card limits. Although I don't like playing free to play games since the balancing tends to be skewed from what it should be.
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    @modnation675 It's just a candy-crush-type game mixed with MTG duel lol.

    Yeah, and almost all the cards in that game are skewed because of the format of the game itself.

    But the good thing is that the developers are actually care about the game, even they'll gonna add some new cards from the Amonkhet block.
  • Yeah, I know what you mean. I just like playing Bejeweled before going to sleep, which is why I said it was okay as a casual game.

    I do like that they are supporting Standard cards in duels though. Even if they can't support older formats.
  • Yeah, ok. For the enterers, I will follow the card and another random 2 cards, but could you please close this corwinnn? Or should I just let it fall back into the other 1000 pages of contest and challenges?
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    @Corwinnn <--
    Make sure to do that so they know!
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