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'Walker Weapons Challenge (Closed for Judging)

In case you didn't know, there are a couple cards that represent the weapons used by some of the most popular planeswalkers in the multiverse. Some examples:

Unfortunately, only a couple of them have that privilege (how sad), and there are so many iconic weapons and artifacts used by our favorite planeswalkers.

So, here's an opportunity to represent your favorite 'walkers. Your job is to make a card that depicts their weapon/artifact of choice!

-The card should be an artifact, or an enchantment if it seems accurate.
-The card should be at least semi-accurate to the lore.
-No joke cards.
-Credit the artist! Cards that credit the artist will be held in higher regard in judging than ones that don't.
-Every smith is allowed three entries, and only one may be an old card if it fits the other rulings

Criteria you will be judged on:
-Lore accuracy

-1st place: 5 favorites of your choice and a follow
-2nd place: 4 favorites of your choice
-3rd place: 3 favorites of your choice
-Honorable mentions: A favorite on the card submitted

As of now, judging will be on June 1. Good luck to all participants!


  • @Vyktur Do they have to be weapons for real planeswalkers or can we make them for custom planeswalkers. I can post the picture of the custom PW as well.
  • @Blazin_Biscuit Unfortunately I'd rather you keep it related to real planeswalkers, if I opened the door to custom 'walkers it could get out of hand.
  • @Vyktur I hear you :)
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    Here's my entry. For Garruk, specificly Garruk Apex Predator.
    EDIT: I have also included entries 2 and 3; for Kaya and Ral Zarak respectively.


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  • I'm loving the creativity with the cards, and them not just being swords 'n stuff. Keep it up guys :D
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    My first entry is designed to suit Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver (


    VERSION EDITED 14/05/2017 thanks to "Mika ? ? ?"
    Changes include:
    - Mana cost down from 6 to 5
    - First ability's templating now follows Necropotence's templating
    - Removed the one spell per turn restriction
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    How do I put images in here again?
  • For the planeswalker that nobody likes (Tibalt):
  • As it arose in a discussion regarding Nightmare Needle (grats on the popular card!), it is totally fair game to include colors in your artifact's/enchantment's casting cost. A couple people already did this, I just wanted to make sure everybody knew!

    Loving the submissions, keep it up!
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    Yay, I managed to put the image here! Cheers, ningyounk.
  • I really want to make Dovin's Baanhammer, but you said no joke cards =/
  • @Vyktur Crap, I didn't see it went trending, and it's the old version for some reason XD Oh well... ^^"

    I know coloured artifacts are a thing but they are extremely rare unless you're in a specific setting like Esper, so I never do them unless I really have to. There are other ways to be directional towards a colour without putting it in the mana cost (just like Pyromancer's Gauntlet perfectly shows!) ^^
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    image image

    For Domri Rade. .............................................. For Dovin Baan.
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    How many entries per competitor are allowed?

    First entry:


    Some gambling with Tibalt!
  • @Tsukuyomi_Lumen In the rulings, three entries per smith.
  • @Vyktur Oh, I was blind.
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    Changed a bit.

  • For Sifa Grent, Dack Fayden, and Sorin Markov:

    "The Ancient Fang is a magical dagger from Innistrad that holds memories from everyone that has used it. This dagger is very powerful - it can cut wooden walls as though they were made from butter, it can ignite things, or kill the undead.

    The Ancient Fang was once used by the planeswalker Sifa Grent while murdering the people of Drakeston on Fiora. Sifa gave the dagger to the Cult of Rakdos on Ravnica for several reasons, chiefly to secure their loyalty, but more to keep it away from those who might want it on the plane from which it had originated.

    The dagger was consequently stolen by the thieving planeswalker Dack Fayden, who himself hailed from Drakeston. By the magic of the dagger he accidently found out who was responsible for the death of everyone he had known. Dack immediately dropped everything he was doing and ventured to Innistrad. He wasted no time in blundering directly into the vampires of the world, gaining the enmity of the Falkenrath in the process. However, what he could not know was that Sifa was far closer than he expected, and his actions had tipped her to his presence on the plane. To his horror he learned that Sifa forced a complete township of undead to attack, a tactic exactly like she once used in Drakeston. Dack managed to drive Sifa and her minions away, but he lost her before he could exact his revenge.

    After this, Innistrad's secret guardian, Sorin Markov made his presence known. He judged that Dack had caused far too much of a stir in his short time on the plane. Sorin traded knowledge of Sifa's origins and Dack's life for the dagger."
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    For Dovin Baan.
  • Second entry:


    I wanted to Sorin's sword to be a good match with Nahiri's Stoneforged Blade (see below).

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    I am surprised nobody before me has thought of creating Planeswalker equipment!

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