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Cavern Fungi (2nd Underealm Challenge)

Welcome back to the wonderful plane of underealm, the plane that is comletely under ground! Last time we took a look at all the crystal creatures that inhabited the plane, but they also have a counter part, the fungi. These fungi feast on deceased creatures and people, making them spread there infectious spores. They have a special mechanic, Absorb (Effect depending on the amount of Non-Fungi Creatures that died this turn). It's your job to make the cards!

5 entries per person
No joke cards (Humor can be included)

First Place: 7 favorites

Second place: 5 favorites

Third place: 3 favorites

Honorable mention: 1 favorite

Good Luck!


  • @zizick123
    May I post a Fungi card that is popping out of the surface?

    Also, absorb is already a mechanic!

    Absorb N (If a source would deal damage to this creature, prevent N of that damage.)
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    If someone wants to make a Fungus Hydra, they can make one before us if they desire.

    Here's the artwork we found.

  • @modnation675 Yes you may.
    What do you think the mechanic should be called?
  • @zizick123
    Either Consume or Assimilate.
  • I would call it Sponge. Fungi absorb the nutrients from the dead. They are squishy like sponges and may swell with what they absorb too. I think Sponge has a lot of fungal flavour.
  • Lol, I'm imagining MTG player's reactions on youtube upon hearing a new mechanic called sponge. XD

    Although, I do agree that works.
  • Sponge is a creature type however so that'd make things confusing.

    But here is a land that prototypes how I'd imagine the Fungal mechanic could work without it having a name.

  • edited May 16
    That is a fundamentally overpowered land.
  • That's true, I do love walking sponge. But it's also the only creature with that type, hmm.

    Sponge - For each creature that died this turn, [this creature] gets +1/+1 until end of turn?
  • What about no special mechanic?
  • What about something like this ?
  • I made a Fungus faction for my set, so I have a lot of Fungus art if anyone needs some.
  • Not a fungus creature itself, but uses their toxic spores to its advantage.
  • @zizick123, only new cards? Or are old cards allowed?
  • This is like the Underdark from D&D.... might as well put in some drow and duergar while you're at it XD
    And by the way, @ASubtleGhost, love Deathcap Pixie! The artwork especially is fantastic.
  • @MagicChess Thank you ! And you are right, this artist has put up excellent work, I really like his graphic style.
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    Third 'shroom:

    Considering the amount of stuff on this, maybe increase the mana cost ? I'm open to suggestions.
  • edited May 21
    Fourth and fifth 'shrooms:
    image image
  • @MrRansom Old cards are allowed.
  • edited May 23
    image image image
  • image

    The classic bioluminescent mushroom.
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