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Cardsmith Duels: Season Two!

Hullo, all, it's MagicChess!
I'm sure you guys all remember the original (considering it ended two days ago, I'd be surprised if you didn't). It was super popular, and we had a great time (at least I did! XD). Already we have eight people who have reserved positions! I can't wait to get back to moderating, and I'm sure you all are just as excited to get back to the dueling grounds! Newcomers and veteran duelists alike, welcome and welcome back.................. to Cardsmith Duels: Season Two!
Here, you can pit yourself against your foes, defeat your most deadly nemesis, and win GLORY and EVERLASTING FAME!
By Friday, May 26th (about two weeks from now), comment on this discussion, mentioning me (MagicChess) saying you would like to join. Over the weekend, I will randomize the list and create pairs.
For each pair of duelists, I will give a challenge. Then each duelist will have about a week to make one card. Once all the entries for the first round are in, I will announce the winners of each duel after some time and make new partnerships out of the winners. This will repeat over and over until we have a single winner, who will be the proud owner of the aforementioned GLORY and EVERLASTING FAME, as well as of the title, "Champion Cardsmith Duelist" and some pretty sick bragging rights.
First place: A follow and 4 favorites (or 8 favorites if I already follow you). You get to choose an honorable mention.
Second place: A follow and 3 favorites (or 6 favorites if I already follow you). You get to choose an honorable mention.
Third place: Two favorites. You get to choose an honorable mention.
Honorable Mention: I will favorite your entry.

The Restrictions:
-No nudity, swearing, etc.
-Only serious cards. No joke or un-cards.
-No existing MTG card images, please.
-Please, please, please, PLEASE use correct MTG language and general grammar.
-ONLY. NEW. CARDS. Violators of this rule will be executed–– I mean, uh.... escorted out of this contest.

Sorry, no requests for opponents; THE WEAK WILL BE WEEDED OUT. o_O
If you are of ready mind and stout resolve, welcome. But be warned.... This contest is not for the faint of heart.
Before you begin, you will need to sign the waivers that––– just kidding.

NOTE: @nsm91 was the winner of Season One. If both are willing, the winner of this season will go head to head with our previous champion in a three-round battle for world supremacy...... or at least my admiration.

Noble duelists, new and old.... let the duels commence!


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