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Cardsmith World Conqueror

If you don't want to read the following block of text, skip to the rules under the map.

Here's a weird idea. I will provide a world map and then anyone who is interested will get a starting country. I will determine everyone's starting country with a randomizer. Then that person will be able to conquer surrounding countries. To do that, they will have to create cards that "counter" the cards that guard that country which I will provide. It's sort of like this old contest: I will determine if they effectively defeated the opposing country. If so they will gain control of that country and the cards they made will become the new guards of that country and they will have become an empire. Each empire needs a capitol which you can choose. If another player takes the country that has your capitol, you lose. To take a country that someone else owns, you have to create cards that "counter" their guard cards and they will create cards that "counter" your guard cards. Whoever "countered" the most effectively will win. If you (the attacking player) wins, you have their land. If they (defending player) wins, nothing happens and your attack failed.


1. I assign your starting country randomly
2. You capture countries that none else owns by defeating cards that I assign to that country
3. Defeat defending cards by creating cards that "counter" each defending card. (One attacking card for each defending card). By "counter" I mean a card who's effect nullifies the other card's ability to function. Look Here for examples.
4. I will judge if you effectively dealt with the defense. If you did, you capture that country and your attacking cards become the new defense.
5. When you attack a country in another player's empire, you create attacking cards to "counter" that player's defense that was assigned to that country when they took it, and they create attacking cards to "counter" your defense that was assigned to your country that's adjacent to the country your attacking. I will judge who "countered" most effectively and that player is the winner. If you won, you take their country and your attack becomes the new defense. If they won, nothing happens and your attack failed. Sorry I know that's very confusing but its the best way I could put it.
6. You decide one country to be your "capitol" If someone captures your capitol, you lose.

List of assigned cards:
Kosovo @zizick123 (Attacking Bosnia)

Latvia @KJMartin

UK @Brainifyer

Greece @HenryTheHatter

Bosnia @creepybeagle

Croatia @sanjaya666

Hungary @obsidianhoax (Attacking Serbia)

Albania @Gelectrode

Czech Rebublic @Faiths_Guide (attacking Germany)
None yet

Poland @Latinas

France @Tigersol

Switzerland @ArcaneMage
None yet

Spain @Glasseschan
None yet

Sweden @KrampisZman (attacking finland)

Romania @akarih
None yet

Norway @ManaChrome (Attacking Denmark)
None yet


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