The Great Interplanar Fair!!!

Hello fellow planeswalkers to the Great Semi-Annual Interplanar Fair! For the main event a large and diverse roster of planeswalkers will present three objects, beings, or customs from their homeplane. The voting will then start, and each participating planeswalker can vote for a display other than their own to win the division.

The following planeswalkers are banned from the fair for the safety and enjoyment of all:
Nicol Bolas
Ob Nixilis (Deceased)
Garruk (At Jace's insistence.)


At the end of of the entrance period, I will close the contest to further entries. The voting will then start. To vote, PM me the card of your choice from the cards entered that do not belong to you.

1st: 5 Favorites and a follow
2nd: 4 Favorites
3rd: 3 Favorites, and the privilege to choose an honourable mention.
Honourable Mention: 1 Favorite

Voting Ends: June 8th


  • Tibalt's banning hurts my heart...
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    In other news, I'm surprised Ob Nixilis is allowed attendance.
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    @Lujikul Because Nixilis is bro. And Garruk too.
  • And leshrac, apparently
  • @IanLowenthal
    Do we make ourselves or preexisting walkers?
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    Here are my entrys:


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    See what Saheeli Rai has brought:

    image image image
  • A confused and insecure planeswalker with flavor ^
  • @IanLowenthal can they be from custom planeswalkers' planes?
  • @IanLowenthal
    Are you even still care about this?
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    Firstly, remember to consider grammar when making accusations. Secondly, It's been three days. As such, keep in mind some don't have as much screen time and/or are busier than you may be!
  • @modnation675
    Angry grammar nazi strikes back.
  • Yep, just had to provoke you. XD
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    @sanyaya666 I do prefer good grammar.

    @Blazin_Biscuit @Tigersol It would actually be better if you used custom planeswalkers. Custom planes are nice too.

    @KarmaDragon Just a question, but should Negemoth (great name) put lands onto the battlefield tapped? Because he's currently a four mana dragon that you can't cast till turn six.
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  • Thanks. I saw the Zombie JC image and had to do some Roman themed cards.
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    Orinthene of Innistrad:

    Cache is a mechanic by @fabiocbinbutter:
    See -
    [To cache a card]
    (Exile it face down. You may look at it at any time. You may draw from your cache instead of from your library.)
    Related rules text:
    To cache a card means to exile it face-down as cached. Players may look at any cached cards they own at any time. If a player would draw a card and they own any cached cards in the exile zone, they may instead choose one of those cards and draw that card instead of drawing from the top of their library.
    (The word "from" in the first sentence of her +1 should be "of" instead.)
    A little about the Archivist:
    Orinthene blinked, trying to clear her vision; it didn't help. The blurriness had nothing to do with her eyesight, rather, it was due to the heavy rain on the window pane through which she now squinted. "Torches?" she thought, "Could those little faint red glows out there be torches?" As she lived on the border of Avabruck, strange sounds and sights weren't really foreign, more intriguing then anything else. As the bright spots vanished from view, either because they were too far away or because the rain had swelled to a downpour, Orinthene decided she better turn in for the night.
    Orinthene was fourteen years old and lived alone in a small run down cottage, what many would call a hut. Not much to look at from outside or in. Her parents were loving wonderful teachers and guardians that had been... misplaced, somehow. Orinthene had carried on alone with a touch of grief and a longing to know just what had befallen her beloved father and mother.
    She awoke with a start only a few hours later to the sound of howls. "Mondronen" she surmised. Living this close to Avabruck meant that Orinthene knew enough that she wasn't easily startled or surprised. She drifted off to sleep.
    Orinthene's discovered that she can planeswalk. During the werewolf attack after the wards around Avabruck's central cathedral, the Temple of Saint Raban, failed. She returned to Innistrad shortly after. She doesn't wish to be anywhere else, she'd begun to archive. Her hut had become a storehouse of documents and research. Mostly in an effort to determine the fate of her parents, she'd now delved into the mysteries of every race on the plane and documented her findings. She's recently learned of Arlinn Kord, she'd witnessed Avacyn cursemuting or killing hundreds of werewolves, and knows of the angel's church launching a new inquisition more terrifying than anything they've done before against the lycanthropes. Not much of it matters as long as she's left to continue her vigil and learn the full extent of what there is to be learned on Innistrad.
    Orinthene's sole goal is to be left alone and undisturbed. She has no desire to assist the coming Gatewatch or engage in the struggle of the native races. Her inherent powers are few, but empower her to keep her archive safe an obscured while simultaneously allowing her to go places others cannot as she collects little known facts.
    (Sorry for my "novel" style and any mistakes I may have made. I know almost nothing of MTG lore, I just scabbed pieces off of wiki and MTG stories.)

    image image

  • image



    I did some stuff from Iquatana, a plane that was in Planechase briefly and was never mentioned again. It's a very unstable and rather barren plane, with an enormous amount of aether around. The plane card for it Polymorphs a creature every turn, which should give you some idea of what the plane might be like.
  • @Faiths_Guide You posted four cards, but you are only allowed three entries. Please choose three to keep. I recommend keeping the planeswalker, it's a really good one. When you do single out a card please delete it from your post to make the voting easier.
  • @Beeswax I really like that potentiality node!
  • @IanLowenthal Would we be allowed to use what's left of a banned participant if they are no longer a threat?
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    Haha... your stupidity humors me. You really think some loose tied rules could keep me from this forum!!!!!
    Nicol Bolas, Archenemy
    Dark Sheming
    Utter Devastation
  • @Megalomalice Sure, go ahead. Just keep in mind that Garruk is still a threat.
  • Does anyone have the ability to remove Bolas from the premises?
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