Magic the Gathering: Tanitria (RP)



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    Yas-Naja had found nothing of any real significance in the palace this time. Making his way back outside again, he spied a huge arc of fire burst into the sky, and upon walking round the corner, found a young pyromancer performing on a small stage. She was looking for something, for someone, and she had found them - it was him!

    She looked a bit shocked when he removed his hood to reveal his skeletal face, but it didn't seem to deter her.

    "Come on up my good friend" she said in a voice loud enough for the crowd to hear, "Let's make some magic!" Sensing that if he didn't go up, especially now he had shown his face (it was not like anyone would forget the walking skeleton), he would attract even more unwanted attention, he climbed the steps.

    "What shall we do first? How abooouuut... some fireworks!"

    Yas-Naja felt a tingling in his nerveless body and dark blue streams left her hands, racing upwards and exploding into beautiful shapes and pictures.

    "What did you do to me?" Asked Yas-Naja through their minds.

    "Ooooh, a mind speaker" the girl shouted almost mockingly - he could see from her smug look that she did things like this often.

    Losing his temper with the little rascal, "Revealing my 'life story' will do you no good, girl. Blackmail will get you nowhere".

    "Well lets go somewhere quite, exchange what we know, and then I'll decide if I want to kill you or not" the girl said, quite seriously now, through the mind.

    "We'll see about that" as he grabbed her hand and blinked them off to a quieter place.

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    So, how would the interaction between characters work? Who decides to write both characters? And who decides which one would win in a dispute like this?
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    @sanjaya666 to be honest, I wasn't planning on them fighting but kind of working together to fight their way out of the city in chapter two, but I felt like I had written so much, especially with handling your character, that I would end it there. Maybe you want to carry it on or someone else gets involved?
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    @Blazin_Biscuit OOC: Okay then. I'll think out something later. Or until someone decides to join in and get involved and write about their interactions. It also just feels like a side-quest anyway. The main quest is to fight against the Phyrexians, right? Alright then.
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    @sanjaya666 yeah pretty much, but this is chapter 1 and in chapter 2 we have to escape from the city while it's under siege from the phyrexians before we strike back in chapter 3 onwards
  • Galloran, seeing the display of colored fire, makes his way towards where the source was, but was surprised to see no one there. He looks around suspiciously, wondering if it was done by one of the vampires. Regardless, he makes his way through the crowd, overhearing rumors of the Phyrexians, and smirks faintly as he walks.

    "They have no idea what's coming," he thinks to himself. "Simply rumors and a name." He turns down a road, leaving the large gathering behind.
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    Meanwhile in a clearing outside the capital city, two people, or rather two extraordinary people were having a fight.


    A numerous amount of zombies and skeletons were turned into ashes.


    Some of them were also electrified to charred corpses.


    A house-sized crater was created due to an explosion. Its source was from the red-dressed, fiery haired planeswalker.

    "Impressive." Said her skeletal opponent, known as Yas-Naja, with his mind. He just stood at the back of the red-haired pyromancer, seemingly untouched.

    "Tch, that was nothing." Remarked Hahnla with a smirk.

    She turned back in an instant and tried to punch him with her fist, imbued with the fury of the flame.

    The fireball missed completely. It exploded when it touched a tree.


    A large area around the tree just turned into ashes.

    "You know, I expected better from a talented planeswalker like you." Said the skeleton telephatically while standing a few feet from her.

    She wasted no time and just started to perform her mana-draining technique again. But suddenly, the skeleton just teleported in front of her and grabbed both her hands.

    "I'm tired of this kind of crap again and again." The skeleton's eyesockets then glowed with blue-ish light.

    And the pyromancer saw them straight with her own eyes.

    She gasped and screamed. In her vision, the land seemed to be darkened and both her hands were decayed and rotted away, not even bones were remained.


    Her scream could be heard miles away. It was also not only a scream. Still shocked, she turned herself into a burning hot plasma, then the area around her exploded. Even the explosion could be seen from the city.

    "Oh, jeez." Yas-Naja just blinked out from his latest position at the right time. Still, the dust from the explosion covered his clothing and reduced his sight.

    Finally, after the dust gone, mostly, the skeleton wizard blinked to the center of the crater, and saw an unconscious form of his opponent, with her hands still attached to her body, without a scratch.

    "Welp, that was too much of a mind-rape apparently..." He then picked her up from the charred ground, bridal style, and blinked away to the city.

    "Good that I saw an inn before." Finally reappeared, he stood in front of that temporary resting place and proceeded to walk inside.

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  • -Randex

    He could see several people taking seats already people at the table were talking, someone had just said they needed to prepare if the rumor was true. Another person declared that the Phyerxians was not a foreign army but a big storm, and that it was heading here.

    A person finished talking and Randex took a seat, speaking. "If the Phyerxians are indeed real and are a threat we should prepare."


    Venye, entered the throne room. People were already discussing the Phyrexians. She found an empty chair at the table sitting down in it.
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    Hours later, Hanhla awoke upon a simple straw bed, in a dark room with a small candle in the corner of the room glowing faintly. Rubbing her head, she sat up the gather herself and realised she was alone, or a least she could see anyone around.

    After tiding herself up a bit, she made her way into what seemed like the common room of an inn. Plodding down the creaking wooden staircase, a slightly confused bar keeper held out a bottle of what seemed to be alcohol. She almost snatched it out of his rough hands and downed it dry beverage; hearing a small grunt to her side, she fumbled around in her pockets to she how much of her money she hadn't melted - there was enough reasonably intact that the keeper accepted it.

    Not think twice about the powerful skeleton walker, she headed out to the streets. He'd find her if he needed to.
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    "Had a nice sleep?"

    Hanhla suddenly stopped in her track. There, under a tree across the street, she saw him, the skeleton walker. She just stared at him, mouth shut. He then slowly walked to her, no blinking involved.

    "Here." Spoke Yas-Naja with his mind. Then he reached into his pocket and threw something to her. With a deft, Hanhla reflexively caught it.

    A bag of gold coins.

    "Think that as a... reimbursement. Now, before we talk about another more pressing matter, do you agree to calm yourself down from now on whenever we meet each other?"

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    Swiftly flicking through the contents of the bag, showing that she obviously handled money regularly, she didn't lift her head.

    "Sure, I mean, now we've had some fun". Suddenly a large, playful grin shone upon her face "An extra gold coin or two in here, thanks for the pocket money gramps" and with that, she pocketed them.
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    "Still quirky eh? Heh, whatever. I'm Yas-Naja, but just call me 'Sans' since my name is weird to be pronounced. Back in my world, my close friends were also used to call me like that." Told the hooded skeleton to the red-haired pyromancer with his mind.

    'Really, using that name?' He thought to himself.

    "So, now let's talk that other more pressing matter."

    Turned aside, he gazed away with his empty eyesocckets to somewhere. Hands placed behind his back.

    "I've recently heard that the phyrexians wanted to assimilate this plane as their own. You already know that right? No? Doesn't matter. Now I ask you, would you want to help those who in dire need or not? I know that we both can planeswalk away and say 'screw this crap, I'm out.' But if people around you need someone like you, would you also help them without any ulterior motive like money, fortune, or fame or whatever it is?"

    He then took a pause.

    "Even if you would never do that, at least I've tried. You know, beneath that brashful face and that greedy attitude, I've sensed that you're actually a good person, pyromancer."
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    "You know what, I think I might just. Before... probably not, it's just not my cup of tea, but after seeing all these innocent people here, and you accepting me for who I am, I think I will stick around for the ride. Your not too bad after all Sans."

    There was definitely heart to what she had said. After being controlled by her brother for so long during her younger life, Hanhla was happy to find someone who accepted her for who she was.
  • Galloran strides up to the pair, suspiciously eyeing Hanhla in particular. He hadn't seen much but the last few moments of the conversation.

    "You must be pretty lonely, if you dressed a corpse in a coat and gave it a name. Either that, or you're a ghoulcaller. If you are, you're poorly dressed for the job." He pauses for a moment. "Wait, did you call the natives 'innocent?' You must be kidding. Plenty of them are good-for-nothing bloodsucking thieves, and you're gonna call them innocent?" His voice was incredulous, as if he couldn't believe his ears.
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    Randex got up from the table heading outside. The sun had gone down a bit. He moved his hood in place covering his head.


    Venye was now at the table speaking, "I think we should-" The palace shook a metal boulder had been launched from beyond the city walls smashing into a tower landing in a courtyard. Soon after two horn blasts could be heard they were under attack!
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    "Have you ever checked every single thief in this city why they've become thieves at the first place?" Asked Yas-Naja to the stranger via telepathy, all while the city was suddenly under the siege of the phyrexians.

    The stranger known as Galloran seemed to be stunned a little bit, unsure and confused about the commotions that currently happened so fast.

    "Hmm, it also seems that they're already here. Let's go." Commanded the skeleton to Hanhla, the red-haired girl.

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    "I don't have to ask them. Every single person here with fangs is a bloodsucker who will literally steal your life if you left them." He turns and begins walking away. At the sound of the horn blasts Galloran quickly pulls out his rapier. "Sounds like that's my cue." He runs back towards the palace, blade in hand.
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  • "Well, we might as well follow him before he gets himself killed" Hanhla said as she turned. Propelling herself forward with fire, she took off into a huge arc towards the palace too.
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    "Hmph, alright then." He sighed, although it was hardly noticeable since he had no face. Then, he just blinked himself towards the palace.

    Reappeared at the courtyard, he saw a hole that went through a tower. The source that caused it was a huge metal boulder that lied on the grassy ground in front of him, but still there were no sign of the enemy forces.

    "Hmm..." He then rubbed his bony chin with his left hand, while also waiting for the pyromancer.

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