Magic the Gathering: Tanitria (RP)



  • -Randex

    "Wouldn't that leave you weak using so much of your mana and not to mention I wouldn't want to be teleported right next too or on top of the enemy." Randex shook his head, "I know a secret passage way that will take us from the palace to the mountains north from here."


    Venye came over to the group. "Whatever we agree to we need to make it fast, several more Phyrexians have cut down more guards not far from here."

  • "Come on, if you're capable of doing a few tricks, surely you can fight off a couple Phyrexians." Galloran scoffs, and crosses his arms. "Besides, I'm not about to trust a bloodsucker to try to take me to safety. It's probably just so he can save his own skin and kill us later."
  • -Randex

    "My skin doesn't matter what does matter is that we regroup with the rest of the forces of this city and plan a counter attack. And yes I can fight off several Phyrexians. But an army? That's not possible."


    Venye spoke, "I vote teleport."
  • "Actually it wouldn't really be on top of the enemy but damn it. Fine." Shrugged the skeleton.

    "We all can agree with him, right?" Broadcasted him to Hanhla and Galloran.
  • -Randex

    Randex being part mind mage quickly heard what the undead guy just said. "Of course they can agree but will they is the question."
  • Galloran shrugs. Being in the middle of the chaos of an invasion probably would get him killed, allied with the Phyrexians or not, and he didn't have a death wish. "I vote teleportation. I still don't trust anything that looks human but has fangs."
  • -Randex

    "Fine!" Randex barked, turning to the skeleton. "Skeletron get us out of here," he said.
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    "Jeez, alright then. Everyone hold each other's hands. To the north, we go."

    All four of them nodded and did what Yas-Naja said. Then he finally also grabbed Hanhla's hand.

    With a blur of a blue-ish magic, they all disappeared in a blink of an eye.

    And reappeared again in a forest. Everyone seemed to be a little bit confused, except for the skeleton and the pyromancer.

    Illuminated by the evening sun, in not so far away from their position, they can clearly see a mountain that lies north from them.

    "Apparently we're almost arrived to our destination. No enemy in sight." Thought the skeleton, his eyesockets glowed with purple light.

    A hunk of large and rotting carcass of flesh and fur bursted out from the ground.

    Every other person seemed to be a little bit cautious about the skeleton's act.

    "Hmmph." He sighed. "All those people, even children, are probably lost in the first wave of this invasion." He then placed a thing that seemed to be a cartouche around the neck of the zombie beast he just raised from the ground, then proceeded to touch its forehead.

    "Gonna take a rest for a while. Don't worry, this good fellow will constantly follow the pyromancer girl."

    Hanhla only raised her eyebrow.

    He then jumped on the back of the beast. "White hooded man, lead the way. I.. think.. it would be fine.. for now..." Due to the pressure of the spells he casted recently, and by the lack of regaining mana since days ago, he finally collapsed, face first, hands hanging at the sides of that beast.
  • -Randex

    "Follow me, we must reach the village," Randex said taking the lead following a man made trail. He hoped the Phyrexians didn't beat them their first.
  • "I should've known he was a ghoulcaller." Galloran reluctantly follows Randex on the path. "He's just the first dead one I've encountered."
  • "Following Randex's lead, "You know, I don't think he's that bad. He's a pretty good fighter and that mind magic of his is f*cking awesome". Looking around at the trees, "It's pretty dead here, so don't blame me if I hang back. Althoooough... if any of you would be willing to lend me use a tiiiiiny bit of their mana, it would fine."
  • -Randex

    "Thanks at least there is another person here who doesn't despise me." Randex commented. He lightly jogged down the trail, he crouched a bit keeping low to the ground he didn't trust a trail like this.


    "I will," Venye said clapping her hands togethor pulling them apart revealing a small ball of white mana. She gave it over to the Pyromancer.
  • "I take it you have something against those who ally themselves with the dead?"

    A black-clad figure steps out from the treeline. He appears to be dressed in some sort of robes, with a hooded cloak wrapped around him. Over his right shoulder is the hilt of an unknown blade, and at his waist is a small coil of chain, with a wickedly curving scythe at the end. The figure steps into view, a half-mask covering his face, leaving only his white skin and black eyes visible beneath the hood.

    "I do apologize for this rather unorthodox introduction, but I only had a few seconds before your friend teleported you all away. I'll have to apologize to him when he wakes up, as I'm afraid I may have used some of his mana to group myself into your blink."

    The figure steps into the light of the setting sun, removing his mask and drawing back his hood to reveal shoulder-length purple and blue hair. He smiles at the group, raising his hands in an innocent gesture.

    "I am Duality, and I would seek to join your little... quest, shall we call it, to purge this plane of those monsters."
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    Name (First and Last): Duality (Solace and Chaos)

    Gender: Male, but alternate female personality

    Age (14-20): 19

    Appearance: 6'3". Tall, slender but athletic. White skin (blue incandescence when Solace takes over, purple when Chaos takes over). Shoulder-length blue-purple hair, black eyes. Scars criss-cross his arms and torso (front and back).

    Personality: Duality has a split personality, one which manifests themself as "Solace". Solace embodies his name, being a very calm, cool, and calculating individual, with an above-average intellect and a proclivity for inventions. Chaos is his antithesis. Hot-headed, violent, and temperamental, Chaos is driven by a bloodlust completely misunderstood by Solace. She tends towards displays of affection, which is often conflicting for those involved, since she is trapped in a male body. Duality was borne as a need to balance these two feuding personalities. Duality takes characteristics from both Solace and Chaos, and were he to maintain control of the shared body, many people would never know that he was 3 people.

    Planeswalker (Yes or no? If yes choose any of the colors) white, blue, black, red, green, devoid: Not a planeswalker, but has the ability to manipulate mana in a way that does not normally follow the rules of the multiverse. Duality is not very powerful in terms of the grand scale of planeswalkers, but has enough power to survive when the time arises (devoid and blue).

    Creature Race (Vampries, Kor, Humans, Phyrexians): Human, but Duality's parents were corrupted by Phyrexian magic, making him a bastard among humans (secret)

    Allegiance (Tanitria, Grand Evolution, Blood Cult): Tanitria

    Bio: Duality is the product of Phyrexian experimentation on planeswalkers. Only the Library of Fundament contains the records about these experiments, and as such, very little is known about Duality except that which he divulges to those he trusts.

    Weapons (Two weapons only): Scythain: A scythe attached to a chain. The chain is controlled mentally by Duality, and his many years of practice have resulted in both expertise and various physical lacerations.
    Serenity: A thick-bladed katana-like sword which can expand into a bladed pike via mental commands from Duality.

    Other: Duality is very protective of a small crystal he has around his neck. It pulses with faint light from time to time, humming quietly.

    (In terms of roleplaying, I would prefer it if my character was completely in my control. I will react appropriately to leading situations, and always try to go along with the story [being both a player and DM for D&D, I know how frustrating it is when you play someone else's character for them])
  • Hanhla kindly took the ball but then started to bite down on it like it was an apple. After getting a few concerning stares, she says "What? Have you guys never tasted white mana? The stuffs lovely!" And she continues to take another large chunch out of it.
  • Looking around at the rest of the group "I don't mind if he joins us, the more the merrier! Plus, if he becomes a problem later... we can always you-know-what" she said with a friendly smirk towards the new comer.
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    Yas-Naja dreamed.

    He was in his old hometown again and walked on a street in the night, still in his youth, with flesh and blood, and powerless.

    'My my, just look at you now.'

    He turned to his back and saw a winged figure leaned under a tall street lamp.

    Clad in ornate dark, metallic underwear, there on the street stood a horned succubus taller than any normal human could naturally grow.

    Twirling her ornate dagger, the demon then just suddenly teleported herself in front of Yas-Naja.

    She then buckled herself a bit and touched his chin with her armored fingers. And saw him directly in his eyes, only a few inches apart.

    'Don't forget about your debt, my dear. Or the consequences will be severe.' Said the demon with a sweet voice, and a smirk. Then she just vanished in a blur.

    Still unmoving, his skin and flesh was slowly dusted away from him, and he just stood there dumbstruck. But then he saw a small, rounded mirror floating in front of him and saw the reflection of himself, still full of flesh and blood.

    But then he saw his skeletal hands directly.

    'Heh...' He just smirked inwardly, knowing that his reflection was just a shadow of his former self.

    Then he just grabbed the mirror.

    And suddenly everything went blurry.
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    Randex was the first to sense the skeleton mind freeze? Randex stopped in his tracks, turning to face Yas-Naja Almaris. "Is everything alright?"
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    "Of course I have an issue with the dead. They plagued my home constantly, like an itching scab that just won't go away." He stares at Hanhla, then shrugs. He didn't eat mana, but who was he to judge. "As for purging the plane of monsters, looks like someone agrees with me."
  • Duality glances at Hanhla, smiling back in equal measure. "You may try my dear, though I fear there is someone who would not so much enjoy that.

    He turns to Galloran, his skin suddenly tinted with a faint hue of blue light. "We agree on the purge, though perhaps we do not agree on whom should be purged. Either way, with the Phyrexians, it's much safer to travel in a group, so I appreciate your consideration on that point. Now..." Duality brings his hood back up, the glow fading "Where to?"
  • OOC: I'll be gone for a couple hours at most, but I shall return!
  • OOC: In game, Duality will talk about how the Phyrexians experimented on his parents, and how he hates them for it. He will just say that he's also glad he wasn't effected by the experimentation, gently grasping the crystal around his neck (which is a lie, but you don't know that muahahaha).
  • "Well, we're following Randex" pointing over to him "so I guess we'll just carry on then?"
  • ( @sanjaya666 He is? I didn't know that. I thought he just started to have a vision.)
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    @CheapQuester OOC: Yeah. But that actually doesn't wrong, he can say "Oh, nevermind. When he's gonna awake anyway?" Or something like that so that people still feels that it makes sense.
  • -Randex

    "We're almost to the village," Randex said they had covered good amount of ground making their way to a cave entrance.
  • "Oh yay, caves. I love caves." Duality slides his blade off of his back, holding it lightly in his right hand. "Always fun stuff in caves."
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    The skeleton wizard who was currently riding the zombie beast that followed behind the group woke up due to his frequent nightmare that plagued him since he lost his flesh and blood, and his skin.

    Being a skeleton, he couldn't feel fatigue or pain. But if his vision was getting clouded by darkness, then it was the time to gather energy. Mana, the only energy he can use to replenish his withering soul or his soul would be inevitably pulled back into his phylactery and he had to wait for an unknown amount of time until he could return to the living world as a wandering spirit, then he had to look again for a possessable body to fully interact with the physical world.

    Clutching his skull with his left hand, Yas-Naja broadcasted his faded thought to the people who were currently walking in front of him.

    "Uh, h-hey, does anyone h-have some m-mana that I can u-use?"
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