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  • OOC: Right then children... Settle down, settle down. Now can you all remember where we left off; well our heros had manage to esa ape the besieged city and found themselves in a destroyed cave village, where a Forgotten Shaman has started attacking them. Would anyone like to go first telling the next part to our wonderful, little world?
  • The Forgotten Shaman continues to barrel towards the ragtag party. Sprinting with uncanny pace. Randex readies himself for the blow. It never comes as the Shaman suddenly charges direction and goes to strike the unready Hanhla. But, before the spear come down a loud sound of the crackling blind eternities rings in the are and a female elf appears right in front of the spear.
    "Oh crap," Frenya exclaims as the spear savagely impales her in the shoulder.
    The elf screams some more diabolical curses at the Shaman in rage and throws her one arm into the air. Moments later, a dozen spirits zap into existence and surround the shaman. Trapping it in a wall of spectral energy.
    Then the elf turns to the pyromancer,
    "Have we met before?"
  • OOC: Also, I changed my character to one from battlerealm, I'll make her stat block now.
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    Name (First and Last): Frenya of Mul Daya

    Gender: Female

    Age (14-20): Forty Two (extremely young for an elf)

    Personality: Calm and Calculating. Except when she's angry. Then she's angry.

    Planeswalker (Yes or no? If yes choose any of the colors) white, blue, black, red, green, devoid: Yes, and of Esper colors.

    Creature Race (Vampries, Kor, Humans, Phyrexians): Mul Daya Elf

    Allegiance (Tanitria, Grand Evolution, Blood Cult): Uh, she just walked here and got pleasantly impaled by a spear, so none.

    Bio: Frenya is a Zendikari elf from the nation of Mul Daya in Bala Ged. The elves of Mul Daya are very spiritually connected and speak to ancestors; but Frenya, for one, was especially talented with communication to the spirit realm. She was the oracle of her small tribe. But some feared her disconnection to green magic was a problem. Most elvish spirits were of the green mana, not blue, white, and black. This fear eventually lead her to be driven from her home and exiled. She eventually set upon a small merfolk town which welcomed her in. But one night, her mind was touching form spirit to spirit, one came up to greet her. It spoke of the dark threat of her false gods, the Eldrazi he called them. He said they were coming, coming to feed. She rushed back to her tribe, but not before the broods of Ulamog's spawn had overrun it. At the sight of Ulamog itself, worming its way through a temple dedicated to the god Ula; Frenya' spark ignited and she became a planeswalker. Her first walk ended in a disaster and sent her to the province of Nephalia in the dark plane of Innistrad; completely surrounded by ghouls. But with her new power she called the corpses spirits to help her and battle there own bodies. With her new army she marched up the coast and came into contact with several Geistmages, which immediately followed her. This way she began to spread her influence through a throng of her own cultists. Then the angels went mad, and Frenya used her powers of flight to become an angel slayer. But it soon attracted the attention of Bruna, who purged her cult in a bloody crusade. Overpowered and outnumbered, Frenya made a mad walk to the first plane she could find. This was Battlerealm. Here, she found the last remaining humanoids on the plane and now protects them from the horrors of the world. With her very own spirit army. But, that went south when more planeswalkers visited and slowly overpowering her. One of them was Hanhla. Eventualy, she had to make another blind walk after being defeated in battle end ended up in a spear. So, there you are.
    Weapons (Two weapons only): Two swords and spirits.
  • Oh hey Frenya, how ya been? Well apart for that spear... thanks anyway" she said as the spirits continued to push the shaman back. "You wanna little help there?" She raised her hand a little and a pillar of flame engulfed the shaman.
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    Finally snapped from the sudden spectacle that appeared in front of him, Yas-Naja then just stared at the newcomer.

    "Wait, there's also one of those things back there." He pointed his bony finger to a ruined building that lied a bit far away from their position.

    "Also, that seems to be painful... anyway. Need a help there, Miss... Frenya, right? You both seem to already know each other." Broadcasted him with his mind to the two girls who were standing in front of him.
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    "Yeah, yeah, I'm alright," Frenya sighs. She waves her hand and dissipates the spectral wall covering the other shaman. "But my mana is exhausted. I did just come from a battleground, and I was nearly out when I left. I can't help with that guy," she says looking towards the Forgotten Shaman Yas-Naja spotted.

    OOC: By the way, I don't mind if you guys semi control my character if it is essential for onward story line or if you just want to crack a joke. Just as long as you don't kill her, make her fall in a fiery ditch of death, abandon her with the phyrexians, or send her the the Innistradi moon to live with Emrakul, etc, I'm okay with it.
  • Galloran glances behind him at the ensuing chaos and shrugs, resuming to move some of the wreckage. "Seems like they have it covered well enough."
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  • OOC: Okay, someone has to get this going...

    The Forgotten Shaman lifts its staff high into the air and brings in down onto the ground with a deafening crash. Moments later a surprised yelp comes form Galloran as a fist of stone shoots from the pile a wreckage bellow him. Luckily his reflexes click in in time for him to leap out of the way in time. Soon the hand grows into a colossal body, pieces of houses used as filling. It rears its head and roars, then turns to the party.
    "I have one word for this," says Frenya. "Crap!"
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    Duality steps back, grabbing his blade as the giant fist emerges from the wreckage, watching Galloran as he simultaneously shields his face from some of the debris. Once seeing that no real damage was done, Duality spins and throws a small scythe at the Shaman. The chain trailing behind the blade makes a distinctive clinking sound as it flies forward, sinking into the shoulder of the Shaman. He yanks it back, yanking the Shaman off-balance a bit, before catching the blade. As he turns back, he sees the giant stone creature turning to the party, roaring.

    "Yeah, I'm gonna agree with that word." Duality says as his skin begins to glow a faint purple, a smile coming over his face. "Of course, the bigger they are..." Duality smirks as Chaos takes over, her bloodlust sending her charging toward the creature, blade at the ready.
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    'The flip? That thing can do that? Nevermind.'

    Just as he thought he wanted to summon a secret weapon of his own, Duality charged forward.

    "Hmm, let's see where this will go, for now." Folded his hands, he finally just decided to watch the fight between the twin and the Forgotten Shaman.
  • Now fueled by the rage of Chaos, Duality sprints toward the large debris-borne creature. He slides under an oncoming fist, narrowly avoiding a very decidedly lethal blow. As he slides under, he brings the his blade up, slicing along the creature's arm. Sparks fly as metal collides with rock, and Duality comes out of the slide running towards its chest. His blade extends itself to the length of a spear as he two-hands it into the center of the creature, which roars loudly before grabbing Duality and hurling him across the chasm to land at Yas-Naja's feet. He groans a little, his blade returning to the size of a sword as his skin goes from purple to blue, signifying Solace's presence.

    "Well done Chaos, you scratched its arm." Duality groans as he sits up, glancing at Yas-Naja as he rises to his feet.

    "If you have any ideas, feel free to enact them while we advance backwards." Duality walks around the creature, giving it a wide birth while Solace studies it.
  • Tossing a cluster of fire towards the golem, it turns with astounding speed and knocks them away. Almost mockingly it smashes it's fists into the earth and roars triumphantly.

    "They'll never learn will they?" Hanhla says with a smirk as she turns her back to the creature a begins to walk off. Before it can catch up to her, the golems hands burst into fire which quickly speeds up it's arms, engulfing it's whole body in a matter of seconds.

    After a loud crash, Hanhla walks over to investigate as the dust clears; the only thing she finds however is a firm, stony grip round her waist. Screaming out in pain, another dust cloud suddenly appeared round the golem, followed by another large crash. Settling once again, the dust revealed a huge elephant with red cracks throughout it's body - and a tired looking Hanhla resting on one of it's large tusks.

    "Where have you been?" She says to the beast while stroking it's trunk. "I know it's been a while, bit you know mummy doesn't like it when you keep her waiting."
  • Enraged, the forgotten shaman charges towards the group, intent on ending them forever. Its first target is the elephant, which destroyed its golem giant. But before it can pick up speed Frenya leaps from behind it and tackles it to the ground. Easily stronger, (being made of stone) the shaman tosses Frenya five feet away. It then proceeds to swing his staff at fatal speed towards his enemy, but as the blow comes down it goes through thin air. The Shaman stubbles back confused, only to find the spectrally infused blade coming towards its head from behind it.
    "There you go," Frenya sighs. "Now we're done fighting... Where the heck am I?"
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    Galloran walks up to Frenya, having finished cleared some of the rubble, specifically waiting until the conflict with the forgotten shaman had finished. "You're on a plane home to humans, kor, and a lamentably despicable species." He turns back towards the others. "I found a few bodies, but no survivors. However, several of the bodies seemed to have bite marks. Some at weak points, some all over."
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    "Seems like some things better be left by themselves alone." Smirked the undead 'walker inwardly, hands rested inside his pockets while was leaning on a rubble wall.

    Then he blinked himself aside the dead bodies Galloran just recently found.

    "Apparently some people just bite the dust because they couldn't handle some neckbiters." Broadcasted him jokingly.
  • "Vampire menaces or not, we need to start planning on how we're going to take back the city" Hanhla says looking back over shoulder at the group as she walks over to some of the bodies and begins to lift them into a cradle of tusks.

    "Getting rid of these bodies before they cause any disease or come back to bite us is a good start though, right?"
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  • "First, what the hell is happening," Frenya pipes in. "So fare, all you guys have told me is that vampires have taken over a city and you guys are going to storm it and take it. By the way, do you know of survivors that could help us? And finally, do any of you have a culture against elves raising perfectly good spirits to help us fight? Because I almost got killed for that on another world.
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  • (I hope that it isn't too late to join, but I'll make a character anyway.

    Noki is a planeswalker associated with the colour red. He was born on Mirrodin, but his spark ignited while he was being corrupted with Phyrexis nearly nine years ago. This created a secondary personality--one devoted to Phyrexia and all that it stands for. This new persona is Skaur, a perfect Phyrexian representing the colour black. Noki wishes to free Mirrodin from the grip of the Phyrexians, but he knows that it will be nearly impossible to do so. Noki wears a red cloak with two different swords inside--a burning sword augmented on Kaladesh, and a Phyrexian blade used mainly by Skaur. Noki' s face is obscured by a metal mask that resembles a gas mask. There is a Phyrexian insignia on the back of the mask, but it is usually obscured by the cloak. His movements are impeded by the Phyrexian augmentations, but Skaur tends to use the metallic limbs to his advantage. Under Skaur's influence, Noki no longer wears the cloak, thus revealing the long-term effects of Phyrexis. The only thing keeping him from being fully corrupted is Skaur, but even he is slowly gaining power over Noki's humanity.)
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