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  • OOC: (several years later) Right! Where were we... ah yes

    "Yeah pretty much" said the red head.

    "Now are we going to find a way to take back the city, or are we just going to sit here waiting forever until someone actually does something!"

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    Also, you can start make some conversations since you're new, if you really want to keep your character alive of course.
  • A hooded figure with a metal mask slowly limps towards a group of people, burning sword in hand and metal shards floating behind him. His red cloak blows in the wind, and his breathing sounds pained, almost as if it's restricted. The movements of his free hand are erratic, choppy, and unnatural. If he isn't a Phyrexian, he's another form of artificial life.
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    "Lemme just doing the garbage disposal work."

    Just as the skeleton wizard started to channel his mana, an ominous figure limped from not so far away distance towards the ragtag group.

    And the skeleton sensed it because his beastly, undying thrall observed the figure from the rooftop of an almost broken building.

    "And it appearently we've also got another company, guys." Warned the skeleton to the group while pointing at the direction where the mysterious figure was currently walking and casting a sort of black spell that rotted away the flesh of the corpses, leaving only bones in its wake.
  • "Don't worry, friends. We simply want to help," the figure states. His voice rattles, and sounds no louder than a whisper at its best. "Well, I do. I'm not quite sure what he wants..."
    "Tanitria," he whispers. "I want Tanitria. And, of course, my host simply wants New Phyrexia to fall. How pitiful..."
  • Galloran crosses his arms and raises an eyebrow at the newcomer. "You seem to have... conflicted feelings. I can only assume that has to do with your... adjustments." He gestures at the mechanical limbs.
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    "What's a phyrexian?"

    OOC: Yeah, she never encountered them.

  • "Adjustments, augmentations, impurities, they all mean the same thing to us... it's a shame that a devotee of Phyrexia is the only reason he hasn't turned."
  • "An... augmented creature, an amalgamation of organic and mechanical life, and a member of a world-destroying hive mind. Basically, everything that a world should stand against."

    "Oh, Noki... you silly little human. You already know who you are, yet you suppress it. You've changed so much in the past nine years, and it's all because of me. You should be happy--You're entering the glorious ranks of the Phyrexians, and I'm here to help you. I don't see the problem with any of that..."
  • "Should we be trusting this guy?...". Hanhla throws a questioning look round at everyone
  • "I've been infected for nine years, and what all has changed? My limbs are metal, and I have a second personality. Most people fully turn within a day. Is there really a reason not to trust me?"
  • "You could snap at any moment. I've seen it happen before. One moment, the guy's fine. The next, he's out to infect everyone else."
  • He chuckles, eventually shifting to a full-fledged laugh.

    "Quite ironically, I'm the reason that won't happen. I keep his nature at bay, and he gradually gives me more power. He won't snap, but that doesn't mean I can't."
  • "Great, another fag with two personalities. That's all we needed". She zooms over the the skeleton man and whispers to him "
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    His left arm reaches for Skaur's blighted blade, but something seems to be restraining him.

    "Noki... let me give them another purpose. If I don't fix them, someone else will..."
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    "What? Really?" Yas-Naja was being busy to cleanse all the flesh from the corpses as Hanhla whispered it to him, so he could just stammered inwardly, although it was pretty clear to be heard if one had a sentient mind.

    Hanhla only did an approval head gesture.

    "Oh..." The skeleton then changed his focus towards the mechanical abomination that stated himself as NokiSkaur.

    "Pfft... ha ha ha ha..." He laughed psychically due to his lack of facial expression, but such a loud telephatic act wouldn't go unnoticed of course, otherwise there was no point by doing it.
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  • @NokiSkaur OOC: He's laughing to the phyrexian guy because of Hanhla's words. You could respond it aggressively if your character is easily offended by that or you can also respond it by just ignore it.
  • Skaur grabs his blighted blade and thrusts towards the skeletal figure, but he seems to struggle to move mid-thrust.

    "If you stab our FRIENDS, I'll have to cut your arm off!"

    "Your 'friends' are pathetic. Without purpose, they don't deserve to live." Despite the resistance, Skaur sheaths his blade.
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    "Apparently somebody seems to have some personality issues." Responded the skeleton towards the mismatched phyrexian with his mind.

    "The name's Yas-Naja, your friendly skeleton 'walker. More or less." Saluted the undead with a 'respect' hand gesture.

    "And... sorry for my act before, mate...s. Hope you both still understand what a joke is, hehehe..."
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