Let's talk about the HOD (well, HOU) Ride Stuff that was leaked.

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    So bolas is concerning when it shares a format with Marvel...
  • HOU, not HOD
  • @KrampisZman
    I know, I just wanted the pun to work
  • I am glad they didn't fudge the Bolas, though I am curious what the planeswalker deck version will be like. But why did he have to exile cards? He isn't an Eldrazi...I hope
  • Bolas is really good regardless of if Marvel exists or not. The -4 might be the strongest -4 ever printed on a walker. I mean I really like him. Samut is a disappointment mechanically but a win flavorfully and Bontu's last reckoning is just amazing. We've been waiting for another black unconditional board wipe for a while and that did not disappoint.
  • @Arceus8523 I would say Karn Liberated's -3 is better. While Mr. Bolas can finish out a game randomly, He's still 7 mana, and can't deal with every type of threat the same way Karn can. Not saying he's bad (he's really good, probably a top 5 walker), but I feel Karn Liberated is better (and easier to cast).

    The best card of the bunch is Bontu’s Last Reckoning. I love this card for cube and modern. Mainly cube. It's good at every power level for cube. For low power, you have a efficient board wipe with a little "Downside", and for high-power cubes, not letting your lands untap when you have 73 mana rocks is not a big deal. It's not taking Damnation's slot in my cube, although I will probably replace one of the black spot removals with it (I run a ton of artifacts and enchantments in my cube, which Black has a hard time dealing with, so to offset it's inherent disadvantage for not being able to deal with those card types effectively I give it slightly more power than the other colors.)
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    Bontu's last reckoning is insane! That is going to warp standard so bad.

    Also, Bolas cascades. I find that interesting, and think it is probably meant to represent his "touch".

    Does anyone else think that Samut is going to join the Gatewatch?
  • @IanLowenthal I don't think last reckoning will warp standard while Gideon Heart of Kiran, and Ulamog are the main win conditions. It might post-rotation.

    Samut is definitely joining the Gatewatch.

    @Gelectrode I think Bolas probably used to discard, but they changed it late in development after they made the change in rotation. Madness is still in the format, remember.

  • SAMUT IS A WALKER????????????????????????
  • @MagicChess Why is it a sigh?
  • @KrampisZman, WotC had better come up with a good story to justify that; otherwise they're just trying too hard XD
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    @MagicChess Would you prefer another Gideon or Jace or Nissa because that would probably be the alternative.

    And I sure wouldn't.
  • @MagicChess Anyone (Except a Phyrexian) can have a planeswalker spark. Something is going to happen to Samut in the story that makes her spark Ignite.
  • @KrampisZman Phyrexians can't have a spark? That explains a lot.
  • @Rednaxela, true XD We have waaaaay too many of those!
    @KrampisZman, yes, I'm just saying that WotC had better think of a good reason! The last episode of the story was so suspenseful... it ended right as ol' Bolas appeared!
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