Inspiration via Pokémon

Behold my new mechanic, Resist! I totally stole it from pokémon.

Resist ________ (If a ____ source would deal damage to this creature, prevent 1 of that damage.)

Scholarly Druid
Wild Executioner
Imperious Slayer
Abhorrent Slayer

Is it too similar to protection to bother?


  • It already exists, it's called absorb and it's on a sliver from future sight
  • @Brainifyer Ah, of course future sight has something similar. I will say though that absorb works on all colors and sources and resist doesn't.
  • @IanLowenthal Future Sight has everything, and about 70% of it is on slivers. To test how it'd work in larger numbers without mass printings, I assume.
  • @Lujikul I realise this, really I just want to know if the breaking up of preventable sources matters.
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