Commander: Land Dispute

Commander: Land Dispute is a custom set I work on from time to time, it is a mono-colour tribal commander set wherein lands matter. I am posting this to get feedback as well as to get suggestion for the 5th (white) tribe. I do not want underwhelming tribes or tribes that have been done to death.

Blue: Faeries
Black: Nightmares
Green: Treefolk
Red: Djinn
White: ???

As you can see all the tribes I have chosen are either basically non-existent or really lacking in much needed "Umph" you know? it would be helpful is a unique machanic is given to the tribe as well such as the Djinn's and "Fetter" or the Nightmares and "Dreamstride" (see my set)

anyway, suggestions are welcome and here is a link to the set so far


  • Perhaps Kithkin with a sub-theme of soldiers.
  • How about birds?
  • Bird art > Kithkin art

    (Even with a handful of Hobbit pieces available.)
  • Yep, definitely. I wasn't expecting Kithkin to work out. :( *Tears*
  • I went with Birds, thank you
    Nesting {x} (if any number of creatures would leave the battlefield that share a type with this one you may pay X, if you do exile those creatures under target land and put {x} nest counters on target land, if a creature that shares a creature type with a creature exiled this way enters the battlefield remove a nest counter from the land. When the last counter is removed return to the battlefield under their owners' control all creatures exiled this way)
  • That reminder text is far, FAR too long.
  • The reminder text isnt to go on that card, it wont fit- i just put it here because its custom and no one looking at it in only this context would know
  • @LexiFjor


    Faeries are already an extremely overpowered tribe filled with easy infinite combos. If you want to use lesser-known tribes, use Cephalids or Illusions instead.
  • @Undella2 honestly, faeries aren't that popular, so they fit for his/her set. Calling faeries overpowered is pretty much a stretch, and the infinite combos that include faeries aren't mostly about the faerie card itself.

    The 2 infinite combos that include faeries that I remember right now are Kiki-Jiki and pestermite combo, but that really is more about Kiki-Jiki than pestermite, and there is a card from another tribe that does the same as pestermite.

    The other one is cloud of faeries and deadeye navigator + bounce land, and again, this combo is more about deadeye navigator than cloud of faeries.

    Honestly, faeries deserve some more love, they do not have that strong of a tribal deck, and usually only see play as combo pieces :/
  • @Glasseschan
    Have you heard about Lorwyn/Shadowmoor era standard?
    Faeries were EVERYWHERE....
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    I agree that Faeries have a lot of awesome cards. I would say that they need a few more tribal pieces to make the deck more consistent though. That is if it's a true tribal deck.

    But yes, they definitely don't lack support. At least in quantity over quality. XD
  • Yeah, faeries probably were super good in a limited format ages ago, but have you seen any faeries lately? And to my understanding, the faeries standard/extended at that time had really strong nonfaerie UB controllish cards like thoughtseize or ponder, which really made the deck what it was. But since we really don't see faeries in any format these days shows that faeries need something new and interesting, and they really shouldnt be judged by their past where the deck had a short dominant perioid.
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    I'll admit Faeries are amazing as pieces of other decks. They just aren't at the point of functioning as a tribe on their own. Most of the printed Faerie cards were understated fliers in either common or uncommon rarity.
  • @Glasseschan
    They don't print that many faeries per set anymore but...

    (Even if Cephalids don't ever get any love)
  • Mainly since they break the game with their mill effects. XD
  • @modnation675
    4x Reminisce and 4x Elixir of Immortality in any Cephalid tribal deck does the job fairly nicely.
  • @Undella2 No one even runs Elixir of Immortality except for Turbo Fog.
  • @Lujikul
    Or when you just need four of them in your deck about milling yourself.
    It is certainly a mediocre card, but it's cheap. I don't exactly have tons of money to spend on a joke tribal deck.
  • @Lujikul brews of taking turns do run Elixir of Immortality, and while that deck sure is janky, it is semicompetive and does win games.
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