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So I really liked heading up design, so I'm going to try it again with something else. Read the descriptions (or just tag lines) and go
To vote for the one you would like to design and play the most. Thanks in advance!

The Death of Jace
"Jace has just died and his memories make a new plane"
The most powerful planeswalker in the multiverse has been defeated by someone or something, but the Gatewatch found that his death had released enough magic to make an entire plane. They explore the plane, which is like a twisted version of Jace's psyche and memories. A fake Jace tells them they must find the secrets to kill what killed Jace in his memories or they will stand no chance in an shortcoming invasion.

African Plane
"Run with leonin and fight to suvive"
"Run along the prairies and defend a tribe from civil war"
My first exposure to MTG was through Mirage, which had a very African vibe. We would put whatever African spins we would need to make to make it happen, but running around with Leonin and Gazelles and everything would be the general flavor.

Riku's Plane
"Riku of the Two Reflections goes into heavy arcane war"
Many of the commanders printed originally in Commander products don't have much story. An interesting one to me is Riku of Two Reflections. Clearly his world is Typical European Fantasy setting with a lot of magic and creatures flying around. I would say it would start out like the dnd module Eberron, then explode into a magical war with Riku in the middle of it, possibly even igniting.

"What are the creatures invading Belenon?"
There are two planechase cards for Belenon and they look sweeet. The monsters in Edge of Malacal look like they could be phyrexian, so that would be the way I take it. Belenon would be a highly ornate normal fantasy setting that has to fend off the first waves of a Phyrexian invasion.

"Enter a plane controlled by our subconscious"
Fabacin is another Planechase plane. It seems highly attached to thought and emotion, so that would be the main thing setting it apart. The world itself would be entirely dependent on emotion in wildlife, landmass, and weather. It would be mechanically interesting to figure out and hopefully equally so to play.

"Vengeance for a destroyed plane and a ghost kingdom"
A ghost planeswalker (Not Kaya) comes to the Gatewatch to ask for vengence. A planeswalker has killed everyone on the plane. A member or two of the Gatewatch arrive to help, but find a mess of a plane. Several kingdom of ghosts are fighting eachother. The only humanoid species on the plane are spirits, but there are no spirit tribal things since that gets busted fast. Eventually, they get the ghosts to chill and kill the cancerous planeswalker. The landscape is also wrecked. Plains look like the acres of demolished factories from Detroit. The forests would be burned. Etc.

Or write you own. If you would prefer to vote for one recommended by someone else, comment the name of their idea.


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    Voted. :)
  • • Well, I don't think Jace ever had any creative ideas, so probably not the first one.

    • Southern African plane would be awesome, as long as it stays away from Egyptian tropes. Aside from a special janky Sphinx commander, I am pretty done with Amonkhet right now.

    • As a Riku EDH player, I would love to see him as a main character (or main characters? I am not sure!). I think he is from Shandalar though.

    • As cool as the planechase cards from Belenon are, I would be hesitant to do another artifact set. But that is my personal deal.

    • When I looked up Fabacin, the first thing I saw was 'saproling farmers.' Sweet! Maybe Thallids as well?

    • I personally think it would be boring to do a world that is all ghosts. It would probably get old fast. And besides, how can we get that much quality ghost art from online?

    I vote for Southern African plane and Riku-as-a-main-characters story!
  • Fabacin sounds cool, and has my vote. :) You're right, mechanics for this set could be very interesting.
  • @gelectrode some good points so will respond

    --if it sound interesting, don't let this phase you, but it would be more than a reprint set. Characters would be his view of them and similar with his plane abd his view if ths multiverse

    --There could be Jungle and desert but yeah Egypt would ve excluded

    --Google said he was on Shandalar for duels of the planeswalkers. At that point I would say he needs to planeswalk to find a plane not focused on being generic. Would still be as described above

    --A lot of people don't want artifact sets rn so that could easily kill thus plane's chances

    --Fabacin is a broad idea that is very innately flexible , so much more breathing room. Definitely room for those.

    --there are nonhumanoids surviving. Beasts and bugs and dragons and planrs can still skuttle around. The idea was similar to a Karador version of Lorwyn
  • • So it will be like a "From the Vault: Jace"?

    • Don't forget Savannah and Ocean!

    • The Wizards Of The Coast website says that he is a resident of Shandalar and is not a planeswalker. Can I please see where you got your information?

    • It can still work though! Just needs to be different and unique.

    • I like the idea of Fabacin, but whenever I think of the name, I think of our old resident @Fabiocbinbutter. Does anyone else than me remember him?

    • That makes me much more open to Apocalypse. Just whenever I think of Karador, I feel strangely warm and fuzzy.
  • >no. Everything would be twisted to how Jace percieved them. The fake Jace for example might be a wimpy loser because of the control issues he has faced while the Eldrazi and Bolas might camio as warped astral versions that are somehow way scarier(in theory not in card). The descriptions for this one are long because harder to explain.

    >Definitely! Africa definitely has a lot of cool biomes, culture, and biodiversity!

    >He is from Shandalar, but from what I read of Shandalar, it's main job is to be a catch all of high fantasy stuff. Because of that, Riku would have to leave to another similar plane for us to have any right to make a non generic plane. So that would take one planeswalker spot.

    >My paper edh is Sharum and that is basically me in a nutshell. I have to resist from designing artifacts since I will take it too far XD

    >no comment

    >There could also be skeletons and zombies I guess. That would mean spirits, zombies, skeletons, beasts, cats, hounds, snakes, boars, etc could live there.have main point is all the elves and humans have been killed.
  • African Plane sounds interesting. If your looking for a new idea, Polynesian could be fun.

    My vote goes to Fabacin since it is filled with saprolings. Ghave, Tana, and the card Fungal Sprouting could all be from there
  • Ah yes, @Fabiocbinbutter. An amazing smith who succumbed to the purge.
  • Please vote on the strawpoll link. Can't tell who has picked what if you don't.
  • Seems Fabocin is winning overwhelmingly.
  • Seems that way. I will wait the weekend just in case some upset happens while I figure out the baselines I want to start with. Anyone who is really feeling it can pm me ideas! Until then, unless there is an upset, here is a little throw together!

  • @brcien Should we design some lore for Fabacin?
  • @Brainifyer
    You can certainly think up some ideas for the time being. :)
  • @Beainifyer if you do, please pm to me to me asap. Would definitely be appreciated
  • For the lore, can we assume that Tana and Ghave are from here, since we don't know where they're from? That would give us a good baseline
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