Wordsmith's Challenge

Hiya everyone, *blows dust off of his account* It's been a while XD! Although I don't have the time to make cards as of now, I do have time to tend to the forums. And I also do think I got the time to manage a challenge (I hope so at least XD).

So, let's start off with the details shall we? The wordsmith's challenge is actually a personal challenge I've done for most of my account (mostly because I need a little "push" of inspiration and challenge), and I would LOVE to see what interesting things you guys could do with this challenge! Now onto the ACTUAL challenge. It's as simple as just going into a random word generator and just making a card based off of the word(s) you get (don't feel bad about skipping a couple of words), the #1 word generator that I recommend for this challenge is "https://randomword.com/", it gives words that aren't too convoluted, but not something that makes you feel like you're in kindergarden.

This challenge was inspired by this set! Hopefully you guys get inspired by these cards! (Check the comments of each card to find out what words inspired which card.): "https://mtgcardsmith.com/user/ManaChrome/sets/21371"

This contest ends on the 21st of July!

Normal stuff for this challenge, maximum of THREE entries, no UNcards for this challenge, and just have fun!


1st Place: 8 favorites of cards of your choice, and +1 follower!

2nd Place: 6 favorites of cards of your choice, and +1 follower!

3rd Place: 5 favorites of cards of you choice!

Honorable Mentions: 2-3 favorites of cards of your choice!

And with that, the wordsmith has now sent you on your journey. Have fun!


The Tavern: (This is a place where "sub-challenges" are posted! A tavern request will be posted up on the board weekly! Tavern requests can give you extra points in the main challenge, or give you certain prizes or bonuses for the challenge to be won!)



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