So the plane that overwhleming won the won the vote was Fabacin(google it)!

So, let's get cracking. Fabacin has 2 things going for it at face value. The first is that it is a swamp world. The people of the world have over swamp villages and some treetop houses. Green and black get a big buff in their variety in races that are now available. To enable finding art, any kind of clothing is fine to use in art. The second point is that the world is shaped by the subconscious. If someone thinks something is somewhere, it can just appear into existence. If someone perceives something as scarier than it is, or less scary than it is, then that might just happen. If someone feels an especially strong emotion, magic attached to that emotion might just activate.

So, right now let's work on baseline stuff. If you want to make monocolored vanillas or uncommons that do not use any new keywords, feel free to drop them in here. If I like them, I will favorite them. Other than that, we need to flesh a few things out. Fungus and saprolings were such a big pull to Fabacin for you guys that they should have a notable (But not overwhelming) presence. We need to figure out what biodiversity we could find for the other colors that makes sense. Secondly, brew up a mechanic that could go with the effects o Emotion on Fabacin.



  • Would cards like these work?
    image image
  • "The more you look at it, the more dangerous it becomes."

    The Mossdog would fit perfectly in this plane. Emotions altering reality is a very interesting concept, and I will most certainly make some cards here.
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    These cards were made for another thread, but I thought them fitting. Are they ?
    image image
  • @FaithsGuide at this stage sure!

    @ASubtleGhost Not TYlera, but I could see the other two hobbling around!
  • Ignore your fears, and they vanish... For a while.
  • The art is a little empty, but that concept is on point! #flavorwin
  • Here's an idea. Magic traditionally associates the mind with your hand, so a hand matters theme would make sense- cards that care not just about how large your hand is (mental capacity) but what is in your hand (emotions and subconscious.) Maybe something like this:

    Also, do we know if Fabacin is all swamp. Are there cities?
  • @Brainifyer the design on this one is really open. If we think a city would be important then there would be a city. If we don't think there needs to be a big city, then there won't be. I had the same idea about the hand mechanics but didn't want to be a development Nazi. I think with how important it seems to the design so far, it could warrant a mechanic, new or returning. Thoughts? Also, Dreamshifter seems monoblue to me and the art doesn't look very mtg, but it seems super Fabacin to me.

    @Interdreams Like in Alacaw, I'm gonna have to be a stickler on multicolored. Unless someone has a reason a swampconscious plane would be multicolored, I need to request minimal multicolored cards. Infested Wanderer would most likely not make it into the final set as is since the presence of fungus and thallids demanding the black green multicolored. Despite that, this guy is definitely skulking around somewhere in the depths of Fabacin.

    Back from vaca so can maybe give this set a bit more love!
  • imageimage
    As much as I would want to drop Frogs into a Gitrog Tribal, I think these guys feel blue and like an interesting race for Fabacin.
  • I'm making different regions for Fabacin. They have all been approved by brcien, but feedback is appreciated and encouraged. This is the region associated with red.

    Narklex, the cavernous region of Fabacin was formed before the world devolved, and is one of the few cave systems that didn't collapse. Many residents believe that a metal from the Aether protects the cavern from harm, and the excess of leylines are used as proof of that. Marsh gases form in certain areas of the caverns, ignited by minerals in the walls. Humans mostly reside in the higher levels while goblins and oily skeleton-esque creatures reside in much lower levels. The skeletal oil creatures are know as Tarreek, and they can be ignited when exposed to the marsh gases. It is the second most dangerous region of Fabacin due to the Tareek and constant risk of combustion.

    These are answers to questions that brcien had:
    This is not a swamp region--Marsh gases enter through cracks in the floor/walls of the caverns.
    The Tareek can best be described as black, dripping skeletons that are occasionally set ablaze. A set of working keywords is Flaming Skeleton Fantasy.
    The subconscious affects Narklex by manipulating caverns (creating new caves, making minerals sprout from the walls, etc.) or flame (igniting weapons, creating manifestations of anger, etc.)

    Again, all feedback is appreciated and encouraged. Thank you!
  • @NokiSkaur Flaming skeletons? Ghost Rider, Ghost Rider everywhere.
  • Tuurkima is a region of Fabacin littered with ruins and sprites. It is a reminder of a time before the world devolved. Once a sprawling city and a thriving marketplace, the white-aligned region of Fabacin was reduced to a half-sunken, sprawling set of ruins covered with moss and inhabited by faeries and ethereal spirits. Goblins and scavenging animals occasionally come to Tuurkima to hunt for food, but there is very little to note outside of that. Visitors in Tuurkima can use their subconscious to raise ruins and call spirits, but nothing else is specific to this region of Fabacin.
  • Two more cards
    image image
  • Irikai is the blue-aligned region of Fabacin, consisting of sinkholes whose corruption has sunken to the bottom, leaving clean water compared to the rest of the plane. Irikai is inhabited by frogs and humanoid vegetation, but animals in the nearby swamps use Irikai as a watering hole. Nobody knows why the sinkholes formed, but some believe that they are caused by collapses in the caverns of Narklex that are shut off from the rest of the system. Some have reported seeing merfolk, but it could simply be a mirage or a subconscious creation. Even those who have no magical ability can control the water more effectively than a skilled Irikai mage if if the situation is dire, and others have reported major injuries healing without treatment in the waters of Irikai.
  • An inhabitant of Tuurkima.
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    For future reference, if a card becomes a color, it loses all other colors by default. At least for the duration of the effect.

    Interesting idea though!
  • @modnation675 Ah, I see. Many thanks. It's always nice to see people giving free and useful advice like you do.
  • No problem, it only lasts for as long as the effect persists. I added this to the prior comment to explain better.
  • bump--Nokisaur has really helped make some design space for us, so we can lok at making mechanics now. What is a solid one that flavorfully conveys the idea of emotion???
  • Belief (Colour): If (Colour) mana was used to cast this spell/creature, (Effect).
  • That seems pretty done in by Wizards already.
  • It has been used, but this plane seems like one where it would make the most sense to keyword it.
  • image

    I'll be making more swamp/fungus creatures and spells next, and would happily use any new Fabacin-relevant mechanic you can come up with. I cannot think of anything good right now, as it is quite late here as I post this.
  • maybe Forecast or something in the ballpark
    Try using either Forecast orrrr

    X Thought (Mana): Exile this card from your hand, get a sweet effect


    X Thought (Mana): Exile a card from your hand, get a sweet effect
  • image
    Wasn't sure how to word this???
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    That card is really bad!

    People won't think it's worth it to exile rather than keep an actual card.
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