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    I like that you're offering help to the community. Although, I don't think it's a good impression when you post cards that are badly formatted while wanting to give ruling advice. In addition, I believe requesting favorites in this way is not an effective way to gain attention. As such, I'd recommend changing your approach.

    Hopefully this doesn't come across as rude because it's heavily negative. But I think it would be best to join some of the feedback threads to bounce ideas towards other cardsmiths in a more natural form.

    Edit: Here is a good one for detailed feedback and is engaging.
    Card Feedback - Pay It Forward
  • @modnation675 I don't think your'e understanding my concepts. The bad format is from cardsmiths website. There are plenty of other great websites to choose from that don't give me such a format, but i choose to use this one. I thought it would be a good place to share with the community. You obviously have to re- read the post since i never offered advice. Only if someone has a character they like that i would do my best to make a card with adapted mtg format for play. Hopefully this doesn't come across as rude, but i don't need your advice. Constructive criticism yes, but you haven't said anything about the cards besides placing blame on me for a websites formatting platform. I do agree with you on joining threads, but most everyone has flaws when it comes to their rulings so i'll join on my own time when i feel the community has done a better job with rulings, spacings, typos, that sort of thing. Don't bother posting something not card related unless you feel that this is the best way for us to introduce ourselves.
  • @Fick
    I apologize for any confusion, I must've misread your comment in such regards. In regards to means of introduction though, I can't not respond to your message as it makes many implications. (The recent message, not the prior one!)


    Due to the notion of you saying that MTGC is bad for formatting, you mustn't have looked at other users' cards enough. I apologize if any comments I make seem to make assumptions, but I've been getting mixed signals from your comments. In addition, I have issues recognizing some social ques, which is a personal issue rather than with your comment.

    As for the notion of not offering advice, I thought you meant you'd be offering advice by the statement, "I'll do my best to translate any rulings." But regardless, offering advice isn't an issue as we welcome it. As such, I hope that wasn't the impression I gave initially. I also never meant you weren't capable of offering technical advice, I simply meant the aesthetic formatting on your cards gave a bad impression.

    In regards to not giving technical feedback on your cards, I could if you request it. Although, I didn't want to bombard you with comments of that nature as you posted a large amount of cards in the thread.

    I'm mainly offended by the way you formatted your message in a smaller portion of it as it makes implications. Namely your comment, "most everyone has flaws when it comes to their rulings so i'll join on my own time when i feel the community has done a better job with rulings, spacings, typos," Regardless, it comes up conceited unless your offering advice in this regard rather than negative statements. It also feels aggressively natured and in bad taste.


    Hopefully this feels more like feedback than the prior message you received. I hadn't meant to offend you by making a post that feels like an attack on yourself. I'll be working on managing future comments to make this more evident.
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