Let's make a custom set.

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Okay, how about we make a set. I have no idea what it will be, or what the story shall be. But I think it will be a fun experience. First, I think we should choose a world or a world prospect, and, sometime in a few days we'll host a vote on the world. We can go on form there. Feel free to suggest any ideas.
Here are some cool worlds that have gone unvisited: http://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/savor-flavor/planes-planechase-2009-12-30


  • You should join my discussion on Fabacin! but I will try hopping in and doing stuff for this too. Most of the sets being designed on here right now are Focusing on making mechanics with a few parameters and fleshing out the story and world from there so I recommend trying the opposite! Get a very fleshed out world and pick mechanics and card builds that seem natural to it! I would propose what someone recommended as a possible plane in Fabacin discussion as a Polynesian plane. You'd have to message the people who were talking about doing it, but there was talk of a Nordic plane that I haven't seen started yet. Good luck! All the exclamation points!
  • @brcien
    Cool, I have wanted to do a Nordic set for months.
    Thanks for the suggestion, but I don't know, I love the creation process. I see what I end up doing. : )
  • Tigersol, I am currently working on a set that involves a very Nordic theme for my "North Tribe"
  • @jynxx199
    Cool!!! I'll check it out!
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