A Game of MTG Telephone

If anyone's ever played the game telephone, they know it is a fun game of twists and turns, starting with something reasonable and ending with something ridiculous. Now, let's do that with MTG! I will post a MTG card, then, you make a card that is slightly different form the previous card. In the end we might create something completely absurd!
Rules for changing the card:
1) Please use a new name and artwork.
2) You could change mechanics, mana cost, power and toughness, or anything that doesn't alter it too much.

I will score these by creativity and adaption of the previous card.
1st: A follow and 3 favorites, or 6 if I already follow you.
2nd: A follow and 2 favorites, or 4 if I already follow you.
3rd: 2 favorites and you get to select someone as an honorable mention.
Honorable Mention: 1 favorite.
I will favorite cards that were published and viable in the contest.

How about we start with Glorybringer:


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