Tribal Wars (entries closed)

Okay, I got this idea form my Horse Versus Cat Tribal contest and I think it will be fun. Each player will join a team and represent a tribe as they conquest a fictional world called I Can't Name Worlds. Eventually, battles will begin over the face of I Can't Name Worlds until one emerges victorious by eliminating others or just controlling more land when we all get bored.

EDIT: Okay, this will be different. Each team starts with a total amount of four points. Each round, contestants choose to attack any team and that team can declare any number of blockers. If the attacker is blocked that player must smith cards for a mini contest I give you. You will have a week to create these cards... or more if I'm away. At the end I announce a victor for each contest. If a blocker wins nothing happens. If an attacker wins or is unblocked his/her team steals one point from the other. Once the contest is over due to lack of interest, or one tribe conquers all, the team with the most points wins.
P.S All cards smithed for the contest should be related to the chosen tribe.
P.P.S Please ask questions.

1. Shapeshifters
- @Lujikul
- @syntheticreign
- @sanjaya666

2. Whales
- @Brainifyer
- @Jyagaimasu
- @Baron-777

3. Cats
- @Gelectrode
- @ManaChrome
- @Death_Methods

4. Orcs
- @CreepyBeagle
- @ASubtleGhost
- @TenebrisNemo

#1 Tribe will receive 8 favorites each and a follow, or 16 if I already follow them.
#2 Tribe will receive 4 favorites each and a follow, or 8 if I already follow you.
#3 Tribe will receive 2 favorites each and a follow, or 4 if I already follow you.



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