Remaking Alpha

so, i want to reboot alpha edition with some new, noob-friendly cards and less broken stuff. any recomendations?


  • The moxen.
  • #lujikul i think moxen where broken by 2 things. Their cost, and their color afiliation. BTW i think that a 1 mana 'birds of paradise' artifact can't be that bad
  • 1 or 2-mana Moxen would be fine.

    Maybe Black Lotus could cost 4 mana?

    Without the exile clause, Time Walk should be 5 or 6 mana.

    Timetwister should be 5 mana, though I see little difference between it and Windfall.

    Ancestral Recall should be 4 mana

    Dark Ritual should be BB

    Balance should be 4 or 5-mana

    Mind Twist should be XBB or XBBB

    Counterspell should stay the same. (Duh!)

    Mana Drain should be 2UU

    The ABUR lands ... I'm not sure. As long as there are no fetch lands, they should be fine as they are. Or maybe just have them enter the battlefield tapped.

    LIghtning Bolt should be 2 mana.

    Those are the most powerful cards I can think of. Any others I missed?

  • #gelectrode There is time vault is a good exemple. also is well of fortune.

    The boon cycle will be reworked to still costly 1 but being far simpler.

    W - 3 life
    u - look target player top 3 cards in library, any number of then on top or botton of library.
    B - -3/-3 to target creature
    R - -3 life
    G - +3/+3

  • @mithandir91, your simplified version of the blue boon effect is called Fateseal 3.
  • @MagiChess Not really. It's target player, so it can be either Fateseal or Scry.

    @mithandir91 Are you hoping to arrange it according to the current color pie? If so, red's would be "Deal 3 damage to target player" instead of "lose life" effects, which are black. I enjoy what you did to the Blue and Black abilities of the cycle.

    Also, not to play Devil's Advocate, but white's was already the worst of the bunch, is it gonna be even worse [not preventing 3 damage as a choice]?
  • @yururu you're right. White one still will have damage prevention, and yes, it isn't fate steal.

    Timevault will work similar to it is, but it will have a exile clause on activation.
    lotus and moxen pecome a Pendant: cost 1, enter taped, and can be taped for any mana.
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    @mithandir91, oops! Guess I forgot about that.

    By the way, to tag people, you use the @ symbol instead of hashtagging them. You probably just pressed the 3 button instead of the 2. Just letting you know just in case!

    Time Vault should be 8 mana and "Sacrifice Time Vault: Take an extra turn after this one."
  • @gelecrtrode i'm not only correcting mana here, but entire mechanics.
    Time vault is ok to be 2 mana if it cant enter the battlefield or trigger it right away. t However, it's pretty clunky to twiddle your mana vault where it's time walk as a spell.

    i'm not reediting time walk, it was a mistake. instead i'm giving it time counters to trigger then.
  • I mean, i'm giving counters to time vault.
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