Official Contest - Eclipse: Sun vs. Moon - Winners Posted!

We're hosting a summer contest to celebrate the upcoming Solar Eclipse in August. This contest introduces a new gameplay variant to MTG, with special rules and a new Astral Light flip card.


Create a card for either faction, Followers of Helios or Descendants of Luna.

Utilize gameplay effects of Sunlight or Moonlight to provide actions, boosts, or effects for your creatures/spells. You may also choose to create effects for gameplay while under the Eclipse.

Keep mana costs and cards as realistic as possible in this format. You may not interact or change the pace of Astral Light in the game with your cards.

You may only enter one card, so choose your faction well. Cards may be directly edited on the submission URL until the final day of the contest, but you cannot re-post/enter more than once.

A new Eclipse set symbol has been released just for this contest. Participants will also earn a unique profile avatar from their faction for their support!
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- Grand Prize: Hour of Devastation Bundle Box, 3 months Premium subscription
- 2nd Place: 6 Hour of Devastation packs, 2 months Premium subscription
- 3rd Place 3 Hour of Devastation packs, 1 month Premium subscription

This contest will be judged by our very own community members, ningyounk and Faiths_Guide! In the case of a tiebreaker, a decision will be made by @mtgcardsmith.

How to Enter:
Beginning July 19, post the card link in this thread to enter your submission. One submission per user, so make it count!
Entries must be posted by Aug. 14, 2017. Winners to be announced the week of Aug 21st, 2017.

View current entries:

Eligibility - Entrants must be over the age of 13 to redeem prizes. Residents of the United States or Canada are eligible for physical prizes. Each entrant/address may only win one prize. Previous contest winning cards or featured cards are not eligible, sorry. Each entrant authorizes their card submission & username for contest and future promotional use by MTG Cardsmith. By following the contest entry steps listed here you agree to the terms and rules of the contest. Limit 1 entry per person. These rules are subject to change, by participating in the contest you agree to these terms.

Also, for a limited time participants can use the promo code ECLIPSE to get 50% off the first month of Premium Membership for your MTG Cardsmith account!


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