Fall of Ravnica/City of Ruin Card Creation

Hello, everyone. I understand how similar this is to my previous challenge on this topic, but after more than two months, most of the conversation was based on finding mechanics, balancing mechanics, asking for specification on the mechanics, etc. However, I hope this will be a more focused discussion on the topic.

This is, as the title suggests, a contest to create Ravnica-based cards. All ten mechanics have been created, and the list can be seen below along with a list of ten guild leaders, ten rare legendaries, five Planeswalkers, and ten creations made by Tezzeret.

For this contest, I would like everyone to make a legendary creature or planeswalker, whether it be from Fall of Ravnica (using the RTR symbol) or City of Ruin (Using the Commander symbol) along with two creatures in the chosen legendary creature/Planeswalker's colour(s). At least one of the created cards must use a mechanic listed below.

For some context, I find it best to write whatever loose outline of a story I currently have:
Fall of Ravnica:
Tezzeret manipulates the Guildpact, using Bolas' influence to make small exceptions to its rules. With those exceptions, Tezzeret takes control of the Dimir and helps them infiltrate the Azorius Senate. Corrupting Isperia under the guise of an advisor, the Dimir begin oppressing the Izzet and Simic, deeming their experiments as "Too dangerous for the good of Ravnica." Tezzeret then shifts his focus to the Rakdos, promising them the overthrow of the Azorius if they help him. They agree, and the Dimir use the threat of an attack from the Rakdos to further oppress the other guilds. The Golgari are being sought out by the Azorius, Boros, Dimir, and Rakdos, all for their different purposes, but they remain mostly uninvolved. Meanwhile, Tezzeret begins supplying the guildless with weapons, planning to use their numbers to kill the guilds' leaders. Domri Rade leads the Gruul in an attack on the Azorius, seeing that their oppression has gone too far. The Orzhov see the chaos as an opportunity to gain influence, and they begin taxing the Azorius to the point of being subservient to both the Dimir and the Orzhov. Caught between two evils, Isperia is killed by her 'advisor' for following the Orzhov. Despite being supplied by Tezzeret, many of the guildless are turning to the Selesnya for promises of peace and security. Because of this, Tezzeret leads an attack on the Selesnya and tries to destroy the Dimir from the inside.

--One legendary creature or Planeswalker from the list below.
--Two creatures in the chosen legendary creature/Planeswalker's colour identity.
--Use of a mechanic listed below.

Optional (Bonus points):
--A second full entry. (Max 1)
--Noncreature spells (Max 3)
--A flip-card, whether it be the chosen legendary creature/Planeswalker, or one of the subordinate creatures. (Max 1)


Legendary Creatures/Planeswalkers

Guild leaders: FRV (Mythic)

Azorius: Isperia--Corrupted by the Dimir, Isperia is constantly on the defense, protecting her own subjects while arresting other citizens for often arbitrary reasons.
Dimir: Ovstamojat--A shadowy being that few have ever seen, Ovstamojat is an all-knowing creature. You can never run from his sight, and you can never hide what's in your mind.
Orzhov: Tesya--Channeling the souls of Obzedat, Tesya commands a swarm of ethereal tax-collectors and a hidden army of murderous spirits.
Izzet: Niv-Mizzet--With next to no room for innovation, Niv-Mizzet is forced not to give up, but to work around the problem. Every breakthrough triggers another invention, which causes another to fire off into a near endless chain reaction.
Rakdos: Lord Rakdos--With a depraved army of loyal cultists, Lord Rakdos leads a relentless assault on almost every guild, reveling in the burning flesh and tainted blood of his victims.
Golgari: Varolz--With each death, the undead army of Varolz comes back for another chance at glory. The Golgari spends most of their time in the sewers of Ravnica, seeing no reason to get caught up in the events above.
Gruul: Phernyx--Hands and teeth permanently stained red with blood, the centaur warcaller Phernyx has singlehandedly led assaults on fortified Boros barracks and emerged victorious. It seems that nothing he can do will kill him, whether it be impaling himself in an attempt to trample a foe or ramming into a solid stone wall until it breaks.
Boros: Ohniva--An angel with a flaming blade and an infinite military, Ohvina leads excessive assaults on nearly powerless districts in order to guarantee a victory.
Selesnya: Trostani--Promising peace and safety in exchange for loyalty, Trostani constantly adds to the Conclave, spreading her influence further across Ravnica.
Simic: Zegana--Mutated beyond recognition, the merfolk Zegana is the perfect amalgamation of random pieces from nearly every species on Ravnica.

Guild champions: FRV (Rare)

Azorius: Ivanik--A lawmage that takes every law to its full extreme. Death sentences for a single theft are not uncommon with Ivanik.
Dimir: Zabudnut--What Ovstamojat sees, Zabudnut can erase. Anything can be forgotten when the black mist is involved.
Orzhov: Porezduh--A deteriorating wraith, collecting souls instead of coins for late payments. Any tax can be increased, and Porezduh takes full advantage of that.
Izzet: Zamerik and Variah--A human mounting a dragon--when both work together, the chaos of the Izzet looks tame, and the Rakdos look like a military.
Rakdos: Tesharak--The third Rakdos blood witch, Tesharak decorates her weapons with sacrificed cultists' bones, becoming more deadly with each death.
Golgari: Nilobah--He has been killed no less than three times, yet he has not perished. Nilobah is weaker than ever, but he will always come back.
Gruul: Gamuntha--Wielding a tree augmented with the bones of Borborygmos, the giant Gamuntha has flattened the once unkillable Tajic with a single attack.
Boros: Vojen--His words are inspiration, his blades are power, and his battles are victory. When all three combine, only control can remain.
Selesnya: Emmara--She protects the natural order, giving life to the dying, and fulfilling Trostani's promise of peace.
Simic: Vorel--His scales grow thick enough to block fire, hard enough to shatter steel, and quick enough to prevent death. The only downside is near immobility...

Tezzeret's Constructs: CRU (Mythic)

Azorius: Hiera--A hieromancer created by Tezzeret.
Dimir: Psyme--A psychometrist created by Tezzeret.
Orzhov: Demen--A dementia caster created by Tezzeret.
Izzet: Elema--An electromancer created by Tezzeret.
Rakdos: Sangr--A sangromancer created by Tezzeret.
Golgari: Necma--A necromancer created by Tezzeret.
Gruul: Pyrom--A pyromancer created by Tezzeret.
Boros: Ferma--A ferromancer created by Tezzeret.
Selesnya: Elmen--An elementalist created by Tezzeret.
Simic: Bioce--A biomancer created by Tezzeret.


Jace: Tortured by Tezzeret until the Guildpact itself changed. His current affiliation is blue/black.
Tezzeret: The cause of Ravnica's biggest problems, seemingly all-powerful at this point.
Domri Rade: A major player in the Gruul clans, he leads multiple attacks on the Azorius.

Chandra: Attempts to be a beacon of justice--a leader to the people of a devastated Ravnica.
Strojocel: Controls all of Tezzeret's constructs, controlling most of the plane in turn. While he isn't truly a dictator, this metallic planeswalker creates a loose semblance of order through swift killing and ruling by fear.


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    Guild mechanics:

    Azorius: Convict--Whenever this creature blocks, resolve an effect (i.e. getting +0/+3 until end of turn, tapping a creature, preventing a creature from untapping, etc.)

    Izzet: Malfunction--When you cast this spell, if you have already cast an instant or sorcery spell this turn, you may pay (price). If you do, (effect.)

    Rakdos: Depravity X--Whenever this creature deals damage to an opponent, each opponent loses X life.

    Golgari: Decompose X--When this creature dies from anything besides -1/-1 counters, return it to the battlefield with X additional -1/-1 counters.

    Selesnya: Lifebond--When this creature enters the battlefield, resolve an effect for each creature you control with lifebond (i.e. gaining life, drawing a card, etc.)

    Boros: Assault X--At the beginning of combat on your turn, if the total power among creatures you control is greater than or equal to X, resolve an effect (i.e. Dealing 1 damage, creating a 1/1 white soldier with first strike, etc.)

    Gruul: Relentless--You may sacrifice this creature as it attacks. If you do, resolve an effect.

    Simic: Mutate--At the beginning of your upkeep you may pay 2UG. If you do, sacrifice this creature, then put a +1/+1 counter on each creature you control.

    Dimir: Dementia--Prevent all damage this creature would deal to players. Players put the top card of their library into their graveyard for each damage prevented.

    Orzhov: Ethereal--When this creature enters or leaves the battlefield, create a 1/2 white spirit creature token with lifelink or a 2/1 black spirit creature token with flying.

    If you have any questions about the mechanics, DO NOT POST THEM IN THE THREAD. Please send me a private message, and we can figure out how to keep my vision while still making a balanced mechanic. Thank you to all who enter, and I hope you all have a wonderful day.

    7-24-17 1050 GMT--Depravity should specify combat damage. I am sorry if this is inconvenient to @LyndonF or @Melek, but this seems to be the best way to balance the mechanic.

    8-3-17 1552 GMT--Decompose should no longer trigger upon death from -1/-1 counters.
  • Which set is Izzet in? (I call Zamerik and Variah for my legendary (Should I use 1 or 2 cards for them?))
  • @SpiritDragon
    FRV is Fall of Ravnica, CRU is City of Ruin. Zamerik and Variah is from Fall of Ravnica, and you could either use one card that features both, or some sort of flip-card.
  • @NokiSkaur
    Which one is the dragon?
  • @Melek
    For Rakdos Cultist it should be each opponent loses 1 life
  • List of prizes:

    1st place:
    --Favourites on each entry
    --A follow from me
    --A tribute card to you
    --Choice of an honourable mention

    2nd place:
    --Favourites on each entry OR a follow from me.
    --A tribute card to you
    --Choice of an honourable mention

    3rd place:
    --A favourite on an entry
    --A tribute card to you
    --Choice of an honourable mention

    Honourable mention:
    --A favourite on an entry
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    For Rakdos:
    (entry edited with change of rules of Depravity)
  • All current entries have been scored. If you would like to know your current standing, send me a message before 1700 GMT.
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    Oh and when is the deadline?
  • @SpiritDragon

    September 20th of 2017.
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    Do I still need more cards for this entry or not? (I am going to make more anyway I am just curious)
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    Yes. You will still need two nonlegendary creatures for the entry to count.
  • @NokiSkaur
    Does Zamerik and Veriah count as a flip card?
  • @SpiritDragon
    Yes. It counts as a flip card, and I have scored it accordingly.
  • @NokiSkaur
    Can malfunction be on a creature?
  • @SpiritDragon
    Yes. It can work as an active ability or an ETB effect.
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    @NokiSkaur I changed my entry. That's allowed right?

    image image image image
  • @sanjaya666
    You are allowed to, but you aren't guaranteed a better score. You can keep both entries for an improved score, but your Orzhov submissions won't be weighted as heavily as your original.
  • @NokiSkaur Also, I would get a worse score instead? Fine....

    Edit: Changed Teysa a bit by the way.
  • @sanjaya666
    I'm saying that you could get a worse score. I'm not done working things out. If you'd rather just keep Orzhov, I'm fine with you just having Orzhov.
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    Does anyone have advice about my spellsword (above)?
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  • @SpiritDragon
    Everything on it is too expensive. A 2/3 for two at uncommon is normal, and the red malfunction ability could be done for much less. Magma spray is two damage for one mana that exiles a creature when it dies. Spellsword's red malfunction ability is less useful for four times the cost.
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    The cards together:
    Advice is appreciated though this is the general ideas for the cards
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