Planar galaxy of jeepee: A little dumb set im working on for my GM!

So im working on a dumb little card set to give out to my Magic playing Game master as a gift for his wonderful game we've been having for like a year or more now.
Any criticisms and ideas? Other than the art not fitting at all with magic's art style?


  • Nice cards, I love them! Now, I have a few grammar suggestions that would make the set even better.
    -First, generic mana comes before colored mana in a cards mana cost.
    -Also, the phrase "sent to the graveyard" can be replaced with "dies or is discarded."
    -Activated abilities usually have a : before the effect.
    -When handling reminder text I just go on to MTG wiki and copy it and paste it. That might help you a little.
    -"Create a 1/1 servo per turn" could be replaced with "At the begining of your upkeep, create a 1/1 servo artifact creature token."
    -Library is the word for deck.
    -Look for something is your library is usually worded as "Search your library for ..."

    I hope these suggestions have been useful.
  • Yep! Real shame i cant edit the cards to fix my issue tough.
  • Create duplicates, applying the advice given.
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