New Plane Idea

I have been thinking of designing a set based around my mask people cards so here it is.

General Story: [Plane Name] is an archipelago with many native tribes including but not limited to a mesoamerican tribe, my mask people tribe and a tribe of sentient spellcaster spiders(Tribal spiders will be a thing). The spiders launch all out war on the other tribes of the plane and havoc reigns. Meanwhile elsewhere on the plane Garruk has finally overcome Lilliana's curse and seeks her out for revenge. This draws him to the mask people and under his rule they rise up and overthrow the spiders and rule as tyrants over the land. In the second and third sets Garruk is overthrown and the world is at peace again.

Mask People: WRG
Mesoamerican Tribe: BRG
Spiders: UBG
Unknown: WUR
Unknown: WUB

Lilliana: B
Garruk: RG
Unknown Spider: UG
Unknown WUR: WR
Unknown WUB: WU

This set is an exile matters set


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